Book Vocabulary

A list of vocabulary concerning books.

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Rare book: When few copies of a book are known to exist, it is called rare.

First edition: The first printing of a book, valued by collectors because it is the original version of the author's text.

Autographed copy: A book that is signed by the author.


Leaves: Each sheet of paper is a leaf.

Pages: Each side of a leaf is a page.

Bookplate: A label pasted in a book that names the owner or donor.

Endpapers: The pages between the cover and body of a book; they may be plain, colored, or printed, such as with a map.

Front matter: The pages before the text (title page, etc.)

Back matter: The pages following the text (index, etc.)

Text: The basic information, or core, of a book.


Dust jacket: The paper cover

Cover or case: The outside binding

Spine: The backbone

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