Map Skills Activities for World Geographical Map Grade 3

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Take your class on a journey across the globe, using map and research skills to explore and uncover countries around the world. This mapping activity, with map skills worksheet and printable world maps, has everything you need for a fun approach to teaching map skills in geography.

What's Included:

  • Clear instructions with suggestions for reflection and enhancement
  • A student worksheet with a research template to complete
  • Printable compass rose, political world map and world map showing the continents
  • How to Use this Activity

    This Where in the World?! Mapping Activity for Grade 3 has been designed for teaching map skills in geography. Students use their understanding of compass directions to navigate around a world map, stopping to choose a country to research in more detail using the internet. They will need to find out about the country’s location, population and flag as well as other facts they find interesting.

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