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Integrate the study of summer into your classroom curriculum; it's every student's favorite time of year. Summer brings heat, extended daylight, and fun. Topics of study include biomes, habitats, weather, and more. There are activities for every subject: mathematics, science, social studies, and art. We have slideshows of our favorite summer reading picks, math worksheets to keep your students engaged over the break, literature guides for summer-themed books, and more!


Browse our collection of slideshows to find resources to enhance your curriculum for the summer season. Includes summer reading choices, activities for Labor Day, and more.


Use these resources to expand your students' skills over the summer. Includes a fact or opinion quiz, and a book with printable pages for practicing reading, grammar, and math.

Lesson Plans

This creative idea can be utilized as an end-of-the-year project. Add to the sand art project with your own ideas for students to practice more skills!

Summer Holidays

Choose from these resources to keep students engaged as summer approaches. Use the numerous activities to extend students' skills.

Other Seasons

If you enjoyed these resources for Summer, click the links below to view our resources for other seasons.

Art Activities

Help students avoid the "summer-time blues" with these fun art activities, including cross-curricular activities, as well as coloring and drawing.

Math Resources

Enhance your students' math skills over the summer with our Math Resources. Includes printables practicing math skills such as fractions or geometry, and fun at-home activities.

Social Studies Resources

Explore summer connections using these social studies resources. Includes reading passages, the history of baseball, and more.

Reading & Language Arts Resources

Take a look at these reading resources which will enhance and increase student reading skills retention over the summer break.


Add these References to your list of activities to suggest over the summer. Includes playing board games, taking nature walks, going to the Library, and online learning games.

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