World AIDS Month Slideshow

December is World AIDS Month. Raise children's awareness and get the facts about AIDS and HIV prevention with the printables and articles in this slideshow.
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Review viral diseases with this science printable. Students will correct false statements about viral diseases, including chicken pox, mumps, influenza, and AIDS. They will also use reference materials to identify whether each disease listed on the chart is caused by a bacteria or a virus.
Lessons learned over the course of the HIV/AIDS epidemic are discussed by Peter Piot, a Belgian physician and microbiologist. Use this health resource to raise students' awareness of HIV/AIDS.
Distribute an article that examines the complex issues and recent advances in the field of HIV/AIDS.
A comprehensive explanation of AIDS and HIV.
Read the latest information on how HIV is transmitted and the precautions you should take to prevent infection. Use this resource to raise students' awareness of HIV/AIDS.
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