FutureFit: The Importance of Making Students Future-Ready White Paper

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Educators strive to promote social-emotional learning and 21st-century (soft) skills, as well as the college- and career-readiness skills that teachers, businesses, and students alike feel are missing from the majority of today’s academic curriculum. They are eager to go beyond rote classroom work and teach to their kids’ interests while promoting real-world awareness.

But how can they when they have so much to do simply to teach to the curriculum and standards?

TeacherVision has come up with a way to include the skills that students need to succeed after high school — creativity, perseverance, flexibility, collaboration — as well as the social-emotional and digital fluency skills they need now into exciting, engaging, project-based lessons that teach to the curriculum and still get kids excited.

Download our free white paper, "FutureFit: The Importance of Making Students Future-Ready" and you'll:

  • Learn what 21st Century learning is and why it is important
  • Better understand the available frameworks for SEL, 21st Century skills, and Life and Career Skills
  • Incorporate these critical future-ready skills into your existing curriculum
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