Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Teasing in Middle School

This printable provides 5 tips and tricks for dealing with teasing, bullying, and other inappropriate behavior at the middle school level. From changing responses to not suffering in silence, students will learn strategies for effectively choosing how to respond to incidents of teasing any bullying.

This resource is provided courtesy of Free Spirit Publishing, the leading publisher of positive, practical and pro-kid classroom materials for social-emotional learning, character education, gifted and talented learners, and special education.

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Excerpted from

Middle School Confidential: Be Confident in Who You Are!
Be Confident in Who You Are
Author: Annie Fox, M.Ed
Illustrator: Matt Kindt

This is the journey of Jack, Jen, Chris, Abby, Mateo, and Michelle—six students just trying to figure it all out in middle school. Be Confident in Who You Are follows these characters as they work to meet new challenges and survive the social scene—without losing sight of who they are.

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