Magical Attic Looner Bunny Rocketship Maze

Children learn persistence and problem-solving with this tricky maze!

This printable maze activity will challenge early learners' critical-thinking and problem-solving skills while providing a great opportunity to reinforce time-on-task behaviors. A great warm-up or down-time activity for pre-K and kindergarten classes. Looner Bunny needs to reach his rocketship - and it's up to your students to help!
Updated on: June 25, 2018
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BCP Imagines

BCP Imagines designs and develops unique multimedia that brings children and their families creative, fun, shared experiences. Our award-winning cross-platform content encourages creative learning, expression and play while helping kids of ALL ages open their imaginations and look at their world in a new way. BCP Imagines' multi-award winning series Drawing with Mark brings the joy of learning to draw to all ages. The Magical Attic​, where anything is possible,​ was created to help foster imagination and creative play while encouraging positive attitudes emphasizing the important lessons of kindness, friendship and helping others.

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