The Redwall Tales

Enhance reading comprehension with a with a guide that provides synopses and activities that can be used with any of the Redwall volumes.
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  1. Brian Jacques Redwall Map Including the Redwall Riddler Philomel, 1998 0-399-25248-6

    Foldout, 26: x 22: color map to Redwall country and beyond. The Redwall Riddler is a 16-page booklet which can be adapted by the classroom teacher to test reading comprehension and explore thematic elements of the Redwall tales.

  2. The Great Redwall Feast Philomel, 1996 ISBN 0-399-22707-5

    Recipes and toys for holding your own Redwall party. Sample recipes are included on pages 15 and 16 of this guide.

  3. Redwall Audio Cassettes

    The Pearls of Lutra, Putnam Audio, 1997 0-399-25178-1
    The Long Patrol, Putnam Audio, 1998 ISBN 0-399-14384-X
    Marlfox, Putnam Audio, 1999 ISBN 0-399-14479-X

    These original audios can enhance reading comprehension and enliven classroom learning.

  4. Full musical production of Redwall available from Evellyn Swensson at Opera Delaware, Wilmington, DE.

"I sometimes think it ironic for an ex-seaman, longshoreman, truck driver, policeman, bus driver, etc... to find success writing children's novels." -Brian Jacques

The author of the Redwall tales was born in Liverpool, England, although his ancestry is Irish and French. He discovered his talent for writing when he was in elementary school although his writing then got him in trouble. He wrote a story that was so good the teacher refused to believe it was his and he was caned for lying. Although the experience was painful, it did convince the ten year old that he was a good writer.

After leaving school at fifteen, Brian Jacques became a merchant seaman traveling all over the world before he embarked on a series of careers: longshoreman, bus driver, truck driver, boxer, constable, postmaster, standup comic, folk-singer, and playwright.

He wrote Redwall for the children at the Royal Wavertree School for the Blind in Liverpool where he had previously delivered milk. When a former teacher of his, Alan Durband, read the story, he took it to a publisher and Brian Jacques's writing career was launched. In 1987, Redwall was published. Since then, readers from 8 to 80 have been captivated by his swashbuckling adventure-filled series, featuring the ongoing battle between the peaceful mice and creatures of Redwall and the evil rats and stoat vermin who challenge them.

The father of two grown sons, Marc and David, Brian Jacques now lives across the street from that school. He often writes in a corner of his garden near a lilac bush and an apple tree. In bad weather he writes in an office inside his house.

Brian Jacques is also a well-known radio personality in England, hosting his own weekly program called "Jakestown" on BBC Radio Merseyside.

Read an interview of Brian Jacques by his editor.


Redwall was selected as an American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults, a School Library Journal Best Book and a Booklist Editor's Choice for 1987. In his native United Kingdom, Redwall was selected as a Children's Book of the Year by a panel of children from schools throughout Lancashire, England. In Australia Redwall was selected as Western Australia's Children's Book of the Year. Jacques quickly followed his first success with the publication of Mossflower in 1988, a prequel to Redwall, which was chosen as one of the San Francisco Chronicle's Best Books. In 1990, Mattimeo provided the final dramatic volume in Jacques's first Redwall trilogy.

Jacques's second Redwall trilogy began in 1992 with the publication of Mariel of Redwall. Featuring a heroine for the first time, this adventure, like the other Redwall books, received excellent reviews. Published in 1993, Salamandastron was Jacques's fifth epic novel, and like his other adventure novels, it transported the reader into the magical world of Redwall, capturing the imagination of children and adults alike. In 1994, Jacques's Martin the Warrior told the long-awaited tale of how the mouse warrior of Redwall gained his title and his fame, and in 1995, The Bellmaker, a follow-up to Mariel of Redwall, was published to rave reviews.

In the spring in 1996, Outcast of Redwall topped bestseller lists throughout the United States. A younger generation of Jacques's fans enjoyed the lavishly illustrated picture book, The Great Redwall Feast, illustrated by Christopher Denise and published in the fall of 1996. In January 1997 Philomel Books published The Pearls Of Lutra, which also topped bestseller lists. Fall 1997 marked the 10th Anniversary of the Redwall Saga. Philomel Books celebrated the event with a special illustrated Anniversary Edition of Redwall. In early 1998, the tenth Redwall novel, The Long Patrol, was released in the U.S., followed by the early 1999 release of the newest Redwall title, Marlfox.

Both of these titles have become New York Times bestsellers. Redwall, Mossflower and Salamandastron each received the Children's Book of the Year Award from the Lancashire Libraries. Redwall, Mossflower, Mattimeo, and Salamandastron each won the Australian Young Readers Book of the Year Award. Redwall was also nominated for the Carnegie Medal.

A Personal Message to all Redwallers from Brian Jacques

Once upon a time, long ago and far away Trimp the Rover, a young hedgehog maid, came to Mossflower Country and met two great fat hedgehog brothers, Ferdy and Coggs. They took her to a place where a great Abbey was being built, which would later be named Redwall. There, a mouse in his middle seasons, Martin the Warrior, heard Trimp sing an old ballad from the far North Coasts. His father Luke was mentioned in the song. Martin was intrigued and mystified. Thus began an epic and adventurous quest! You are invited to join me upon it!

Go with Trimp, Dinny, Martin, and his friend, Gonff, Prince of Mousethieves. Meet others along the way - Folgrim the mad otter, his brother the Chieftain Tungro, Guosim Shrews aplenty and little Chugger. March, feast, sing and fight alongside them - north through the forests, down streams and rivers to the shores of the great sea, while battling with vermin, Flitchayes, and the dreaded Painted Ones. Sail and trek through the heat of high summer, storms, rapids and many other perils - north along the desolate shores to the far coast where Martin was born. It is there that you will learn the tale of Luke the Warrior.

A lonely young mouse stands upon the winter strand, watching his father sail off on a mission of vengeance against the fearsome foebeast Vilu Daskar, the pirate. Captain of Goreleech, the monstrous red ship that ploughs the oceans of the earth, Vilu Daskar is pursued by Luke and his comrades in Sayna, a tiny frail vessel. What can the murderous slaver do against such mighty odds? Vilu Daskar, plundering far flung tropic isles, with Luke the Warrior always in his wake, follows, his heart set upon revenge. The epic voyage is interlaced with the lives of many creatures. Bullflay the slavemaster, Beau the wild castaway hare, Ranguvar Foeseeker the berserk squirrel, and Bolwag the great sea lion. Together with a host of other interesting characters, these beasts feature in an astounding tale of courage against evil.

Read the log of the vessel Sayna. Traverse the ocean from warm mysterious islands to the frozen wastes. Learn how the faithful creatures of Redwall built their fabulous Abbey. Do battle with enemies fearsome and wicked. Meet old friends and make new ones. Sing, fight, feast, and quest with heroes and heroines in my new epic saga.

-Brian Jacques
Recorder and creator of Redwall Abbey


Redwall 0-399-21424-0 Philomel 1987
0-441-00548-9 ACE Fantasy
Mossflower 0-399-21549-2 Philomel 1988
0-441-00576-4 ACE Fantasy
Mattimeo 0-399-21741-X Philomel 1990
0-441-00610-8 ACE Fantasy
Mariel of Redwall 0-399-22144-1 Philomel 1992
Salamandastron 0-399-21992-7 Philomel 1993
0-441-00031-2 ACE Fantasy
Martin the Warrior 0-399-22670-2 Philomel 1994
0-441-00186-6 ACE Fantasy
The Bellmaker 0-399-22805-5 Philomel 1995
0-441-00315-X ACE Fantasy
The Outcast of Redwall 0-399-22914-0 Philomel 1996
0-441-00416-4 ACE Fantasy
The Great Redwall Feast 0-399-22707-5 Philomel 1996
Pearls of Lutra 0-399-22946-9 Philomel 1997
0-441-00508-X ACE Fantasy
Pearls of Lutra Audio 0-399-25178-1 Putnam Audio 1997
Redwall Map 0-399-23248-6 Philomel 1997
The Long Patrol 0-399-23165-X Philomel 1998
0-441-00599-3 ACE Fantasy
The Long Patrol Audio 0-399-14384-X Putnam Audio 1998
Marlfox 0-399-23307-5 Philomel 1999
Marlfox Audio 0-399-23165-X Putnam Audio 1999
0-441-00599-3 ACE Fantasy


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