Giving Thanks Writing Activity

Assign a writing activity that will help children celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving. This printable language arts worksheet will encourage students to think about American history when they're celebrating Thanksgiving.
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Create: Cornucopia of Thanks

In this activity, students will create a cornucopia mural that celebrates the things for which they are thankful. Create a large cornucopia basket out of brown construction paper and place it on a bulletin board. Have students flip through old magazines and cut out pictures that represent what they are thankful for.

Invite students to talk about their pictures as they place them in the cornucopia on the wall.

Serve: Community Potluck

Display the cornucopia from their previous activity in a gathering area, like the gym or cafeteria. Work with students to plan a potluck or Thanksgiving celebration and invite staff or parents. The dinner could be free or you could charge a small admission fee, with proceeds going to a charity of the students' choosing.

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Multicultural Holidays
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