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Literature & Math: Stories about the Solar System

Through these literature-based enrichment activities, students will practice math skills as they learn about the solar system. After reading "A Pizza the Size of the Sun" by Jack Prelutsky, students will create a pizza and compute what fractional part (or percentage) is covered with each topping. They will also discover the formula for the area of a circle. After reading Eclipse: Darkness in Daytime by Franklyn Branley, students will discuss, model, and provide explanations for solar eclipses.

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Excerpted from

Literature-Based Activities for Integrating Mathematics with Other Content Areas 6-8
Robin A. Ward
Literature-Based Activities for Integrating Mathematics with Other Content Areas, Grades 6-8 provides easy-to-implement, literature-based activities that connect standards-based grades 6-8 mathematics lessons with concepts derived from science, social studies, and the arts standards.