Trying Out Different Professions

Review a list of the hands-on workshops you can hold in your classroom to teach students about the different professions they can choose as adults.
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Trying Out Different Professions

Try out a list of the hands-on workshops you can hold in your classroom to teach students about the different professions they can choose as adults.:

Workshop: Rockets Catch Air
Instructor Profession: Teacher
First make a rocket with simple materials, then launch it with foot power for a dramatic first flight. Get all the angles on how high in the sky, using and inclinometer to measure and figure the altitude reached.

Workshop: Talk to the Animals
Instructor Profession: Animal Trainer
Wonder how trainers get animals to do what they want? Come learn to talk to the animals with the help of some volunteers – friendly, four-footed ones. Learn about animal behavior and how to use it to communicate.

Workshop: How Does Your Garden Grow?
Instructors' Profession: Master Gardeners
Plants and flowers – what makes them happy? Do they react to their neighbors? What are the impacts of soils, foods, pesticides? Work with master gardeners and find out how you can become a junior master.

Workshop: Movie Magic and Math
Instructor Profession: Special Effects Specialists
Come behind the scenes for a day in the life of artists from Industrial Light & Magic. How do they create the magic we see on screen in movies? Movie magic starts with imagination, so be sure to bring yours.

Workshop: Find the Heart in Science
Instructor Profession: Clinical Psychologist
Think science is just cold, clinical and methodical? Think again! Explore the human side of science and learn about dreams and imagination that have led renowned scientists to great discoveries.

Workshop: Mysteries of Marine Mammals
Instructor Profession: Teacher
Ever wondered how to tell a sea lion from a seal? What can ail a whale? We'll handle the bones of sea creatures and learn what tales they tell.

Workshop: What is the Golden Mean?
Instructor Profession: Architect
Find out about the Golden Mean by working in architecture, from t-squares and set squares to designs and concepts. Experiment with proportions and ratios and see a building work beautifully.

Workshop: Invertebrate Immigrants and Natives of SF Bay
Instructor Profession: Biologist
Do you like to look at exotic things up close? Come find out about SF Bay's population of foreign organisms, where they came from and how they got there. See them live and in stereo, with college microscopes!

Workshop: Forensic Investigations
Instructor Profession: Investigator
Someone dies. Is it natural, an accident, or should we suspect foul play? Explore the world of forensic science; learn tactics, procedures, and techniques used by law enforcement to uncover the facts surrounding a death.

Workshop: The Technicolor Night Sky
Instructor Profession: Astronomer
At first glance, the stars above all look white, but take a closer look. Colors in the stars? Come find out what the technicolor show means for an astronomer. Enter the "star lab" for a view of the wondrous heavens.

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