Education Consulting: Is it for You?

Read about the wide variety of opportunities for earning extra money that your educational expertise can net!
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Education Consulting: Is It for You?

A tenured history teacher finally has the hectic teaching life under control. He has the long hours and discipline issues worked out. What can he do to augment his income? A friend recommends applying his services to an up-and-coming field that offers the flexibility that his teaching schedule requires, while compensating him appropriately for his wealth of educational experience. As an education consultant he can create his own schedule, work minimal hours, and make an average of $100 per hour.

In response to a skyrocketing demand for consultants, many educators, counselors, and college admissions officers are turning their talents into a lucrative sideline. Their jobs range from algebra tutoring to providing expertise on the country's top boarding schools to advising students on how to get accepted into universities of their choice.

What are education consultants?

  • Consultants are education experts who work with students and their families to evaluate and identify the most appropriate school for each child. The consultant guides the student through the application process.
  • Consultants can also help families with students who have learning differences. Part of that assistance might involve helping families find the right school or program.

A growing field!

In the last five years the number of consultants has doubled. Mark Sklarow of the Independent Education Consultants Association (IECA) speculates that within the next three years the number will double again. Reasons for the growth include:

  • The private school admission process at every level is becoming more complicated and competitive. Each year there are more students applying for the same number of open spaces.
  • As competition for good education increases, parents demand more of their children.
  • Educators and counselors are getting better at identifying students with learning differences and students in crisis. Sklarow indicates that the number of specialized programs is growing significantly.
  • Organizing homework and building solid study habits can be a huge challenge for students with learning differences such as ADD.

What training is involved?

Most often consultants have experience as teachers, counselors, or admissions officers. Many educators keep their school jobs and become consultants as a way to grow professionally.


Educational consulting might be for you if you're looking for new experiences, want to share your expertise, or would like to earn some extra money. Hourly rates for educational consultants range between $50 and $150. Many consultants prefer to work on a retainer basis. They charge between $750 and $3,000 per case.

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