10 Reasons To Be Thankful for Students

It’s a crazy time of year, and we’re sure it’s been a long day. The behavior of that kid (you know the one I mean) has been out-of-control all day, you received an angry email from a parent, and your principal dropped in for an unexpected observation for your most challenging class.

If you’re like us, you’re probably thinking of relaxing on the couch and possibly taking time off to reconsider your career decisions.

But not so fast.

reasons to be thankful for students

While it may not feel like it at the moment, now is the perfect time to practice some gratitude.

Because even (dare we say…especially) the most challenging days bring plenty of things to be grateful for. Especially if you’re a teacher. We’ve compiled a list of ten reasons why we’re so thankful to be teachers, for the moments we need to remember them most.

Why should we be thankful for students?

No matter what’s going on in our classroom, our students inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves. We know they’re watching us, trying to learn from our example how to be a good human…and that makes us want to become the person they believe we are.

Why should you be thankful for school?

Two words: “teacher besties.” Let’s face it; your colleague is your best friend and understands you better than anyone else. They always have your back, and you’ve shared experiences that no one else could relate to with your best friend at school.

What are five things to be thankful for?

We’ll get into more detail about all the reasons you can be grateful for your students. But here are some other great reasons for gratitude:

  • Good health
  • Good friends
  • Pets
  • Money in the bank
  • Your home

These are all great reasons to feel thankful every day, no matter what else is going on.

What are some reasons to be thankful for someone?

Whether it’s your students, friends, family, or significant other, there are always good reasons to be thankful for the people in your life. You can feel thankful for those people who are honest and who tell you the truth about your outfit, your life decisions, or your lesson plans. 

What are some of the things that you are thankful for in school?

As you can tell, there are plenty of reasons to be thankful every day, especially at school, whether it’s preschool or high school.

For one thing, you can be grateful for yourself and your gifts and talents. Very few could come into your classroom every day and do what you do. Your students know that, even if they don’t always say it. So give yourself a well-deserved, grateful pat on the back for all your hard work.

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"No matter what’s going on in our classroom, our students inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves."

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What are 10 examples of being thankful?

Without further ado, here are 10 reasons to be thankful to be a teacher.

#1. An Amazing Teacher Makes an Impact on Lives

You are literally changing lives every day. Don’t ever allow yourself to forget that part. It’s likely one of the top reasons that you went into a teaching career in the first place. You are instilling life lessons and a love of learning, molding little humans, and encouraging those who don’t believe in themselves. You are a cheerleader as kids try and develop new skills every day. You get to be the first to see the a-ha moments as all your hard work pays off. How you make your students feel in the classroom will leave a lasting impression on their attitude toward school and learning. You are what creates a positive foundation for them to thrive on.

#2. A Great Teacher Gets to Witness Milestones

Whether it’s young children reading for the first time, or a high school kid figuring out a complicated calculus problem, you get the privilege of being there for everything. Celebrate the “small stuff” because to kids, they are really big…especially a task they’ve been working on for a while to master. It’s the best feeling when you get to see them achieve their goal!

#3. A Wonderful Teacher Gets to Inspire Others

You greet your students daily with positivity, enthusiasm, encouragement, and endless patience. You inspire them to be better students and to go out and change the world in their own ways. Many children will even aspire to become a teacher because of your positive impact and the life lessons you impart. You know from the memories of your own teachers how the impact of one good teacher can stay with you long after the school year ends.

#4. The Best Teachers Get to Teach

One of the reasons you’re in this profession is that you love to teach! Getting to do what you love daily is reason enough to keep going. You perform at a high level under stressful environments as if it’s a piece of cake, even when you’re having a bad day. Your resilience is admirable, and your passion for teaching is inspiring. It’s not something that everyone is capable of doing.

#5. An Awesome Teacher Experiences Little Joys Every Day

Pajama days, birthday treats, teacher gifts, parachutes in the gymnasium, a handmade thank you note, hand-picked flowers, an exuberant high five, watching a child accomplish something they’ve worked towards, an unexpected thank you card; there are so many small joys throughout each day, and they all add up! One of the best parts about being a teacher is that you get to experience the fun, excitement, and enthusiasm children have for just about everything in their own ways. So if you’re having a tough day, look for the small joys. We guarantee it will bring a smile back to your face. And if you’re looking for new ideas to rediscover the joy, check out TeacherVision’s Thanksgiving hub for inspiration.

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#6. A Favorite Teacher Becomes a Place of Comfort

When kids are having a hard day or going through something difficult, they come to you for comfort. Knowing they trust you because of how much you pour into their cup should also fill yours up. That’s something they can’t get from all the apps in the world; they can only get it from you. Trust does not always come easily, so when kids come to you for comfort, you know you have truly impacted their lives and are experiencing heartfelt thanks.

#7. The Greatest Teacher Receives Endless Compliments

Kids notice the smallest details: new outfit, lipstick color, haircut, handbag, marker set. You can bet that they notice and will often compliment you on what they see. In their eyes, you’re the coolest person. So let those compliments go to your head; not many other workplaces are filled with cheery voices covering you in praise.

#8. Good Teachers are Never Bored

There is no such thing as an ordinary day of teaching. Something exciting always comes up, even on the most mundane day. Whether it’s fire drills, the latest fun new learning apps, funny things your students say, interesting visitors, or wacky outfits... something unplanned always happens and will keep you on your toes. Yes, it can elevate your blood pressure, but only if you take it the wrong way. You’re adaptable and will inevitably roll with the punches even when surrounded by chaos and continue to make learning fun.

#9. You Develop Close Bonds With Other Teachers

Even if it’s just commiserating about your day, teachers form relationships with their peers in a way many co-workers never have the opportunity to. There’s a shared responsibility, camaraderie, and appreciation for each other because you relate so well to your daily struggles and stresses…and your blood pressure readings. So whether you need a bit of encouragement, an ear to listen, or a treat from the hidden candy stash, another teacher will have your back with no questions.

#10. Incredible Teachers Get to be Themselves Each Day

Whether it’s how you set up and decorate your classroom or the jokes you tell throughout the day, you can bring your personality to school and share it with your students. Allow your creativity to shine through as you find ways to engage and inspire your students throughout the year. Being your true self will also show students the importance of being themselves and accepting and encouraging each other.

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We hope this list has provided some encouragement. We’re grateful that you’re a teacher! If you’ve found this gratitude practice helpful and would like to allow your students to practice gratitude, check out this printable Thanksgiving gratitude activity for elementary students.

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Here at TeacherVision, we’re thankful for all of you. And we look forward to celebrating you this holiday season and into the New Year.


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