I Am Thankful Thanksgiving Gratitude Activity for Elementary Grades

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This printable Thanksgiving gratitude writing activity for elementary students is perfect for celebrating the holiday and practicing writing in your classroom!

This activity combines both independent and group work, and is perfect for use as part of a Thanksgiving-themed writing center, a "day before break" extension activity, or as a collaborative class project that can be turned into a bulletin board.

The activity is broken into 4 easy independent and group work steps, requires no prep or special resources to complete, and includes all the worksheets and instructions needed to complete it.

How To Use This Thanksgiving Gratitude Activity

Step 1
Students should use the acronym "Thankful," and fill in a word or phrase of what they're grateful for next to each letter.
Step 2
Students can create a short story using the words or phrases they wrote down.
Step 3
Have students read out their stories to the class, create a 'gratitude' bulletin board or display, or students can take them home to share with their families over the Thanksgiving break!

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