Our Favorite Fall Bulletin Boards and Classroom Door Decorations

Get the creative inspiration you need this fall with these teacher-approved classroom decor ideas—and a pumpkin spice latte!

Believe us: it was really difficult to narrow this list down to just 25 examples of amazing fall-themed classrooms. Teachers are just so darn creative! (What's your secret?!)

That being said, here is a sampling of our favorite autumn bulletin boards and classroom doors.

1. Happy fall, y'all!

Credit: @applesandabcs


2. A safe way to fall:

Credit: @plasticrocket


3. Encourage kids to move mountains:

Back to school bulletin board inspo from @funinfourthmsgatt

A post shared by Ashley B (@fourthgradecharade) on

Credit: @fourthgradecharade


4. Highlight your students' artwork:

Credit: @mrslahuescrew


5. Get "wrapped up" in schoolwork:



6. "Pop" into fall!

Credit: Tamara Blanchard


7. A scarecrow that's just happy to be here:



8. Brew up this witchy Halloween board:

Credit: @klaser82


9. Can't decide between a "Fall" or "Halloween" theme? Combine them!

Credit: @hautepanther


10. Thankfulness doesn't have to start in November:

Credit: @hautepanther


11. Bring the changing leaves inside:

Credit: @ms_wayerski


12. Is your class a "spooky batch"?

Love this!!

A post shared by TeachersForTeachers (@teachersforteachers) on

Credit: @teachersforteachers


13. This door is a real hoot:

Credit: Christen Anderson


14. Here's another fang-tastic fall option:

Credit: My Classroom Ideas


15. Do you and your students all love pumpkin spice? Here's the perfect board for you:

Credit: @hangingwithmrshulsey


16. Teach students the importance of physical fitness:

Credit: @brooklynshauna


17. A "minion" reasons to be thankful:



18. This door is a cautionary tale:

Credit: One Creative Mommy


19. This proves it: not all monsters are scary.

Credit: Good to Know


20. Limited bulletin board space? We be-leaf you can still be festive!

WE BE'LEAF' IN OURSELVES 🍁🍂🍃 #teacher #firstyearteacher #craft #bulletinboard #classroom

A post shared by KELSEY🍎 (@kbuckk) on

Credit: @kbuckk


21. The s'more you know...

Credit: @princess_ees


22. We are all different, yet the same:

Credit: @firstgrade_g15


23. Help your students to fly this fall:

Credit: @polkasquaredesign


24. That's a good board, Charlie Brown:

Credit: @hannahcb22


25. When all else fails, keep calm and gobble on!

Credit: Pinterest


Did you get into the fall decorating spirit in your classroom this year? Share your creations with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

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