28 Halloween and Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

Get the creative inspiration you need this fall with these teacher-approved classroom decor ideas.

fall bulletin board ideas
Submitted by TeacherVision member Tiffany Phillips from Margaret K Lewis ESE School, Panama City, FL.

This article discusses Halloween and fall bulletin board ideas. It’s a new year, and we want the students excited about coming into our classrooms. We also want them to feel welcomed and at ease. Besides introducing yourself to your students, your classroom décor will speak volumes about who you are as a teacher and person.

Seasoned teachers are amazing purveyors of ideas and incorporate those ideas with thoughtfulness. New teachers want to put their best foot forward in creating an engaging classroom in their first school year. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newbie, this article will supply decorative inspiration for your classroom themes.

What are some cool bulletin board ideas?

There are so many different examples of great Bulletin Board ideas on the web, it was really difficult to narrow this list down to just ten examples of amazing fall-themed classrooms. But we did it, here's a selection of our favorite fall bulletin boards ideas.

1. Happy Fall Y'All

Fall bulletin board ideas
Courtesy – applesandabcs – Instagram

Sometimes the simple boards are the best. This is a classic design that gives people the feeling of being at their grandmother’s house. The way the teacher uses colors for the different words makes for fun visuals. Having the students’ names on the leaves helps them to feel a part of the artwork. The aged wood adds the right amount of brown like the side of an old barn. Classic autumn feels.

2. Fall For a Good Book

Fall Bulletin Board Idea
Courtesy – plasticrocket

Nothing says fall more than leaves of yellow, orange, and red. People look forward to autumn because nature puts on a stunning display. The play on words, “Fall for a good book”, intertwines the season with reading. Many people love reading an enjoyable book as the fall season moves in. The selection of books on the fall bulletin board appears to be falling. This can encourage students to want to catch the books.

3. Back to School Bulletin Boards

Fall Bulletin Board Idea
Courtesy – craftymorning

Fall relates to students going back to school after a much-earned summer break. Beginning of the year excitement jumps into some students, others not so much. Helping students transition to their next grade level is essential in setting up an inviting classroom. The bulletin board fall decorations here are incredibly unique. Comparing 2nd graders to cookies is a sweet way to connect with students. Using Pac-Man and playing on words can help students tie autumn and go to school with excitement.

4. What's Brewing?

Fall Bulletin Board Idea
Courtesy – klaser82

Halloween is the first major event for kids in the fall. Dressing up and pretending to be a storybook character or superhero is engulfing. And there are limitless opportunities for candy fall crafts. This bulletin board looks like it belongs in a picture book. The students’ names in the bubble add a fun and imaginative aspect of being free to float away.

5.  Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Fall Bulletin Board Ideas
Courtesy – hangingwithmrshulsey

This bulletin board is relatable to high school students. Hopefully, the students will not walk out of class to get a pumpkin spice latte. This display is like a board from earlier in the article. Pumpkin spice has become a popular flavor, and with it only being available during the fall months, it has a strong association with autumn. What other spices can you think of that relate to the fall season?

6. The S'more You Read

Fall Bulletin Board Idea
Courtesy – the_cb_fam

Fall brings crisp starry skies that have magic to them. Certain constellations stand out more during the fall than at any time of year. This autumn bulletin board has a lot of appeal because of the night sky, the raccoon (a night creature), and the fire to keep warm. It brings a smile to your face when you think of a raccoon making smores, and the play on words will stick in your head.

7. Welcome to Our Patch

Fall Bulletin Board Idea
Courtesy – Berean_academy

Pumpkins are a botanical fruit that goes hand in hand with the fall. Pumpkin pie, jack-o’-lanterns, and pumpkin spice are all thanks to this wonderful plant that is always there for our fall festivities. On this board, the pumpkin patch is the classroom, and the unique cutout of the pumpkins makes this a fun project for the classroom.

8. Your Goals High

Fall Bulletin Board Idea
Courtesy – Pinterest

People in the states go crazy for American football. They can’t wait until the fall when the regular season starts, and they cheer for their favorite teams. Many students in America begin at an early age to play American football. So, this bulletin would be a familiar sight for boys of any age. Another idea would be to add little cheerleaders so girls could join in on the fun.

9. What If I Fall?

Fall Bulletin Board Idea
Courtesy – polkasquardesign

Inspirational messages are important for getting points and ideas into students’ minds. This is one of my favorites, and I’ve used similar messages in my counselling office. There are beautiful falling leaves and a unique burnt orange border around the board. The yarn-string wheels look like targets for a goal. But the message of hope from trying is the standout in this board.

10. Race to the Finish

Fall Bulletin Board Idea
Courtesy – Deucy Deer – Pinterest

This board has two great characteristics about it. The first is that the competitive running season for the sport of cross country begins in the fall. The second is the boards are a great visual for academic checkpoints during the semester. Some student needs to “see” the finish line, and this gives them motivation and strength to keep going. There are a lot of breaks in the fall, and helping to keep the students’ eyes on the finish line helps with morale.

11. Spooktacular Work

fall bulletin board ideas
Courtesy - Mrs. O Knows

12. Funny Bones

fall bulletin board ideas
Courtesy - The Applicious Teacher

13. Batty for Halloween

fall bulletin board ideas
Courtesy - TeachersMag.com

14. It's October

fall bulletin board ideas
Courtesy - TeachersMag.com

15. Our Class is Unbe-LEAF-able

fall bulletin board ideas
Courtesy - Teacher's Paradise

16. Reading Leaves You Happy

fall bulletin board ideas
Courtesy - lorri6303.blogspot.com

17. Whoos Ready For Fall

fall bulletin board ideas
Courtesy - @fabulousfourth201

18. Nuts About Fall

fall bulletin board ideas
Courtesy - Kindergarten Korner

19. Little Pumpkins

fall bulletin board ideas
Courtesy - Pinterest

20. A Harvest of Good Reading

fall bulletin board ideas
Courtesy - Little Learning Corner

21. Fall in Love with Learning

fall bulletin board ideas
Courtesy - Pinterest

22. Hiding in the Pumpkin Patch

fall bulletin board ideas
Courtesy - Educate & Celebrate

23. Simple Autumn Display

fall bulletin board ideas
Courtesy - Pinterest

24. Frankly, 4th Grade Rules

fall bulletin board ideas
Courtesy - Schoolyard

25. Hocus Pocus, Everybody Focus

fall bulletin board ideas
Courtesy - DIYcuteness

26. Is It October Yet?

fall bulletin board ideas
Courtesy - TeachersMag.com

27. Let's Do the Gobble Gobble

fall bulletin board ideas
Courtesy - Tiffany Phillips, Margaret K Lewis ESE School, Panama City, FL.

28. Time for S'More Learning Door Idea

fall bulletin board ideas
Courtesy - Tiffany Phillips, Margaret K Lewis ESE School, Panama City, FL.

What is a bulletin board?

Bulletin boards are visuals that give information in the form of announcements, news, and lessons. Often teachers use bulletin boards to display the work of their students. It’s a quick reference of events in the class and adds another dimension to the teacher’s curriculum. It’s an extension of your lesson plan.

Ideas for creating bulletin boards are limitless. Many teachers use the bulletin board for students to post their ideas. The student could have a message he or she would like to share with the class and places a note on the board. Bulletin boards can help to build the community in the classroom and fosters the sharing of ideas.

What is the purpose of a bulletin board?

The purpose of the bulletin will depend on the teacher, the subject they are teaching, and classroom dynamics. A teacher’s board may begin as one theme but can easily evolve into something else as the school year progresses. The bulletin boards grow or adapt to the class and its needs.

Classrooms are dynamic constructs steered by the teacher and interactive students. What will be the purpose of your bulletin board? World events that spark discussion in Civics or history class? Are your before and after school office hours posted for added help for your math students? Whatever the purpose of your bulletin board, you can use the ideas in this article in your classroom design.

What is the best time to put up a bulletin board?

Now! That’s right, now is the best time to put your bulletin board. This is especially true if you have not done one yet. Many teachers choose to use part of their free time before school starts to decorate their classrooms and doors. Some wait for a great idea to hit them before they put up their boards.

But putting up your classroom decorations is a personal decision. If there is a certain aesthetic you want for your room and you know it will take you some time to decorate, you will want to start as soon as you can. Teachers are like anyone else, and there are some who choose to wait until the day before the “Meet you teacher” event that schools have.

What kind of shapes can you use on your bulletin board?

There is no hard rule about which shapes to use to help your board stand out. Circles and triangles are illicit patterns of motion to the human eye. But the shapes do not have to be traditional in nature. Anything you come up with in your imagination will have an attention-grabbing effect.

Teachers can get away with various shapes in middle school and high school. Elementary teachers (especially pre-k, kindergarten, and 1st grade) should stick to the basics to avoid confusion for the students. Erik Massaki authored an excellent article on design and how to draw attention if you need any tips. 

What are some bulletin board ideas that are perfect for the fall?

As said at the beginning of this article, fall is a magical time of year. Fall decorations can relate from the change of color of the leaves to the first frost students see. This can be as easy as a cut out of leaves from a printable, placing on the board, and writing a fun play on words such as, “I be-LEAF in you!” with your student’s name on each leaf. Questions about why a leaf turns red, yellow, or orange, are great brain teasers for young minds.

Many teachers are good at being in tune with the season and time of year, incorporating the themes in their classroom. The season brings happy fall ideas. There are many events that occur in the fall, including animal migration, sports, and festivals. Any of these will blossom into beautiful classroom bulletin board and door décor ideas.

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What are some of the other types of bulletin board ideas?

Some of the best ideas come from the students. Many teachers make a different bulletin being the month or an upcoming holiday. Including your students in the ideas and design is an excellent way to foster innovative ideas and engage the entire class in the décor of your board or door.
Ideas are limitless when you sit with a pen and paper to create something new and exciting. If you are not a pen and paper person, flip through other’s peoples work on Instagram and Pinterest. All the bulletin boards and classroom door decorations you will find on social media are amazing.


Creating fun school decorations add character, imagination, and life to a classroom. From fall crafts to a thanksgiving bulletin board, any fall-themed project you decide to do will bring joy to yourself and your students. The most important thing to remember when building your bulletin is to make sure your students fall in love with learning. 

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