5 Virtual Holiday Classroom Bulletin Boards

Wondering how to make your students feel warm and fuzzy inside this year? Elementary students always LOVE to see colorful and engaging bulletin boards around the classroom, but many are being denied that (and a lot more) during remote learning. Our third-grade guru, Heather, shares ways for teachers to decorate their virtual classrooms and "spruce up" learning during the holiday season.

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Holiday Bulletin Boards

Just because you’re not decking the halls in person with your students this year, doesn’t mean you have to squash the holiday spirit! Check out these five holiday classroom bulletin board ideas that you can create in Google Slides and post in your virtual classroom stream or as your virtual background to help get everyone excited for the upcoming holidays. It’s also a great way to build a sense of community or belonging in your remote classroom!

1. Spread Joy!

Use a black slide background in order to house a jolly-looking snowman or Santa Claus! Add some festive snowflakes in the background and the title, “Spread Joy!” Allow the students in the class to post something that brings them joy this holiday season. But, be sure to start off the conversation by posting your own ideas!

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2. We Are a Bright Bunch!

Perfect for those who celebrate different holidays, this secular “neutral” bulletin board highlights just how smart your little learners are! Choose an icy blue background on a Google Slide and insert string lights on the top of the slide. Use a colorful font to display the text, “We are a Bright Bunch!” The positive affirmation will be acknowledged and appreciated, and is oh-so-appropriate for the holidays.

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3. Our Work Really Shines!

A quick way to boost your virtual students’ confidence is to let them know that all the work they’ve been submitting really shines and stands out! Create a vibrant background on a Google Slide and insert a cute reindeer with a sparking red nose, or a Christmas tree lit up with lights. Insert shimmering letters that spell out the message, “Our Work Really Shines.” It’s a quick and simple way to thank everyone for their effort and kick off the holiday season at the same time!

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4. This Computer is Under Elf Surveillance...

A tribute to the Elf on the Shelf, letting your virtual students know that their online behavior and work ethic is being monitored, can be a fun way to kick off the holiday season. Set up a black background filled with snowflakes and a fireplace complete with a mantle. Insert a sitting elf on the ledge and use a large font to display the phrase, “This Computer is Under Elf Surveillance.” Your early elementary students will get a kick out of this cute slide!

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5. Come to Our Ugly Sweater Party!

Create an invitation inviting the class to wear an ugly holiday sweater to virtual class one day during the holiday season. Older elementary and even middle school students may get really into the theme and will like logging in, only to see this cool invite! You can edit it to reflect the details of your class and even offer bonus points for all who participate! It will serve as a holiday bulletin board and invite combined!

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Despite many students not being “in person” or in the classroom with you, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop making bulletin boards that reflect the fun and excitement that the holidays bring. While throwing up our hands and screaming “BAH HUMBUG!” seems like an apt sentiment for 2020, try to fight that urge and sprinkle your curriculum with some fun — a simple slide can brighten up your students’ day and can help you put a little more pep in your step.

Consider these five, easy displays for your virtual classroom or come up with some of your own designs this month and you’re sure to catch some holiday spirit, even if you didn’t plan on it. . .! Besides, shouldn’t we all be smiling and celebrating considering that 2020 is close to being over?!

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