A Toolkit For New Teachers

Your first year of teaching is both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Veteran teacher, and TeacherVision Advisory board member, Tina, created this e-book to provide new teachers with the strategies, resources, and tips you need to start off strong.

Why we created the New Teacher Toolkit

Welcome to your first year of teaching! This is an exciting time for you. You are now going to have the opportunity to apply everything that you’ve learned to your own classroom. The first year is a year of growth with a lot of trial and error. Challenges will come up that you didn’t anticipate, but so will movements of clarity and joy. We are excited to provide a resource for you that will set you up for success, and we welcome you to the profession!

We created this toolkit because starting out as a new teacher can be tough ( we have been there). There is so much that you’ve been taught that is swirling around in your head. College courses and student teaching don’t always prepare you for everything that will come your way once you finally get that first classroom of your own.

How to use the New Teacher Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to present you with some classroom challenges you might encounter. It includes solutions, resources, and tips for those challenges, as well as teaching tips for how to implement them in your room.

Table of Contents

  1. Set Your Class Up For Success
  2. Routines and Procedures Checklist
  3. Get Their Attention
  4. Attention Getters
  5. Get To Know Your Students
  6. Find Someone Who
  7. Communication Is Key
  8. Parent Communication Log
  9. Keep Good Records
  10. Meeting Notes Form
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