Fun Facts About Australia

Interesting facts about Australia. Use this in conjunction with the Australia Poster lesson plan, or as just a fun addition to your study of Australia.
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  1. Food
  • In Australia, pancakes are served at dinner rather than breakfast.
  • The Aborigines of Australia call their native food “bush-tucker.” It includes game meat such as kangaroo, turkey, and goanna, which is a kind of lizard.

  • Aborigines
    • The native hunters and food gatherers of Australia are called aborigines, though the word refers to the first inhabitants of any region.Aborigines have lived in Australia for 40,000 years. Today most of them are of mixed descent. There are about 50,000 full-blooded aborigines left.

  • Capital City
    • The city of Canberra, Australia has an approximate population of 298,200.

  • Special Features
    • Ayers' Rock is a famous rock (a red monadnock) that is 1143 feet (348 m) high, located in central Australia, in the SW Northern Territory. It is also a major Australian tourist attraction.
    • Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world. It stretches for 1,250 mi (2,000 km)in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland, NE Australia.
    • The Great Barrier Reef is actually a series of individual reefs separated from the mainland bya shallow lagoon. The reef is extremely beautiful and attracts thousand of tourists a year, which threatensto harm the delicate eco-system of the reef and its unusual marine life.
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