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    Make a Sweet Spurting Spider

    This spider may not have a great vocabulary, but it sure can spurt! Because... read more


    Curious George Bunny Maze

    Help Curious George and Mother bunny make their way through the maze in thi... read more


    Curious George Jungle Maze

    Extend children's enjoyment of the Curious George series as they help Georg... read more


    Design Reading Bookmarks

    Decorating reading bookmarks for a particular topic or genre is a fun activ... read more


    Curious George's Opposites

    Build young children's vocabulary and teach them about opposites with this ... read more


    Curious George's Transportation

    Explore the many ways Curious George traveled during his adventures. This p... read more

    Graphic Organizer

    Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How

    Use this graphic organizer to help students write in a journalistic fashion... read more

    Graphic Organizer

    Main Idea and Supporting Details Web

    This graphic organizer will help students identify the main idea of a story... read more

    Slideshow Gallery

    Top 10 Books by Eric Carle

    This gallery features information on children's author Eric Carle's 10 best... read more

    Graphic Organizer

    Beginning, Middle, and End

    Identify the sections of a story with this plot/story sequence graphic org... read more

    Graphic Organizer

    Story Map Graphic Organizer

    Using a story map helps children to identify key elements in a story such a... read more

    Graphic Organizer

    Five Elements of a Plot

    Five elements of a story's plot (introduction, rising action, climax, falli... read more

    Graph/Chart - Teacher Resources

    Four Column Chart

    Use this chart to help students organize their thoughts. This printable is ... read more

    Graphic Organizer

    Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer

    Students are asked to identify cause and effect of a story with this graphi... read more

    Graphic Organizer

    Three Paragraph Main Idea and Details Chart

    This graphic organizer will help your students identify the main idea and s... read more


    Harry Potter Timeline Activity

    Use this fun activity - a printable timeline worksheet - to test your pupil... read more

    Graphic Organizer

    Event Map

    Organizing the who, what, where, when, why, and how of an event is the goal... read more