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National Safety Month (June) provides the perfect opportunity to teach your students how to stay safe at school, outdoors, and on the Internet. Browse the extensive collection of safety lesson plans, printables, and resources for great teaching ideas year round. You'll find resources on conflict resolution, natural disasters, and emergency preparedness, as well as activities for health and wellness, language arts, and more!

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    Teacher Discussion Guide

    Cyber Bullying: A Guide for Teachers

    Use this teacher's guide along with Unfriended by Rachel Vail to discuss cyber bullying. The modern-... read more

    Literature Guide

    Bluefish Classroom Ideas

    Bluefish, by Pat Schmatz, addresses themes of illiteracy, adolescence and identity, alcoholism, deat... read more


    Safer 3 Water Safety Adventure Activity Book

    This printable activity packet takes students on a water safety adventure. Students will learn how t... read more


    Safer 3 Water Safety Story & Coloring Book

    Share the story of the Safer 3 Water Pals to help kids remember water safety strategies. Sammy Starf... read more


    Josh the Otter Water Safety Awareness Project

    Drowning is preventable. Teach this life-saving message. Demonstrate the importance of water safety ... read more

    Teacher Discussion Guide

    My Book of Life by Angel Discussion Guide

    Martine Leavitt's My Book of Life by Angel is a novel in verse about a sixteen-year-old girl lured t... read more

    Literature Guide

    Thirteen Reasons Why Educator's Guide

    This educator's guide to Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher includes activity and discussion prompts ... read more


    Educator's Guide for Playground

    Reach reluctant readers with the semi-autobiographical novel Playground by 50 Cent. This printable g... read more

    Teacher Discussion Guide

    Discussion Guide to Bystander

    Lead a serious classroom discussion about bullying, cyber-bullying, and "the bystander effect" with ... read more


    Influenza Vaccination Recommendations

    Should you get a flu shot? This fact sheet explains who should or should not be immunized against in... read more


    Myths & Facts About Influenza

    How much do you know about the flu? Get the facts and bust the myths about influenza with this hando... read more


    Surviving Underground

    In this social studies activity, students consider what they would need to survive underground for a... read more

    Bulletin Board

    Fall Reading Bulletin Board

    Decorate your classroom for autumn with this reading bulletin board. This packet includes bulletin-b... read more

    Teacher Discussion Guide

    Claiming Georgia Tate Discussion Guide

    This guide to Claiming Georgia Tate includes a book synopsis, an interview with the author, a book l... read more

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