No Jumping on the Bed! by Tedd Arnold

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No Jumping on the Bed! by Tedd Arnold

Summary of the Story

Against his father's rules, Walter jumps on his bed and falls down through the floors of their apartment building. Along the way he picks up Miss Hattie, Mr. Matty, Aunt Batty, Patty and Natty, Mr. Hanratty, Fatty Cat, and Maestro Ferlingatti, and they all land in the basement.

Introducing the Story
  • Read the title of the book on the cover, pointing to each word as you say it. Have children repeat the title as you point to each word.
  • Explain that the boy's name is Walter and that he is doing something he's not supposed to do.
  • Show children the picture on the title page, and explain that Walter lives near the top of an apartment building.

Reading the Story for the First Time

  • Read the story, moving your finger under the words as you read.
  • After reading, ask: Do you think Walter could really have fallen through all those floors simply by jumping on the bed? (No, this is just a made-up story.)

Recalling the Story

  • After you have finished reading, ask children the recall questions below. Continue to ask these questions when you reread the book, until he or she knows the answers.

Reading the Story Again and Again

  • Give open-ended prompts on each page. For example, ask: What's happening on this page? How does Miss Hattie look when Walter falls into her spaghetti and meatballs? Do less reading of the words to the story each time you read, leaving more and more of the "reading" or retelling to children.
  • Give prompts about objects or activities in the pictures. For example, ask: What is Miss Hattie eating? (spaghetti and meatballs) Use your finger to point to what you are asking about. Evaluate children's response. Expand it by giving more information. Ask the child to repeat the answer. If he or she needs help in answering a question, ask that question again the next time you read the book.
  • You may wish to discuss the prompts shown below.

Extra Activities

  • Children can draw a picture of the apartment building that shows each person's apartment and use their drawings to retell the story.
  • Have children read No Jumping on the Bed! to each other.

Recall Questions
Ask the following questions to check children's understanding of the story.

  1. What is the name of this book? (The name of the book is No Jumping on the Bed!)
  2. What happens first when Walter jumps on the bed? (He, his bed, his pillow, and his toy dog fall through the floor into Miss Hattie's dining room.)
  3. What happens next? (Walter and Miss Hattie fall through the floor and land in Mr. Matty's TV room.)
  4. What happens next? (Walter, Miss Hattie, and Mr. Matty fall into a box in Aunt Batty's apartment.)
  5. What happens next? (Everyone falls down through the ceiling in Patty and Natty's playroom.)
  6. What happens next? (Everyone falls down through the ceiling in Mr. Hanratty's studio.)
  7. Where does everyone end up next? (They all end up in Maestro Ferlingatti's practice room.)
  8. What happens at the end of the book? (Walter sees Delbert falling through his ceiling.)

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