Frog by Kim Taylor

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Updated: June 9, 2019
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Use the following questions after the second or third reading of Frog. There are questions for every one or two pages of the story.

  1. What can you see here? (You can see frog eggs.)
  2. What is all around each egg? (The eggs are surrounded by jelly.)
  3. What comes out of the eggs?(tadpoles)
  4. Have you ever seen a tadpole? What did it look like?
  5. What does this picture show? (It shows tadpoles.)
  6. Why do these tadpoles look different from the ones on the previous page? (Their gills have closed up.)
  7. What has happened to these tadpoles? (Their back legs have begun to grow.)
  8. What is the tadpole eating? (It is eating a plant.)
  9. How has this tadpole grown? (It now has front and back legs.)
  10. What can you see here? (You can see frogs.)
  11. How do the young frogs look different from the older frog?(They are much smaller. They still have long tails.)
  12. How do frogs eat? Can you show me how a frog eats? (Frogs eat bugs by snapping them with their tongues.)
  13. Have you ever seen a frog catch a bug?
  14. What do these pictures show? (The pictures show how a frog grows from an egg into a tadpole and then into a frog.)


The words listed below come from the story and its pictures. As you page through the book, point to the pictures and ask the child to name the object or the action shown. This will help the child learn new words. You can use the words below, or you can choose words you think will interest the children. Below are words for every one or two pages of the story.

  • frog, frogspawn
  • tadpole, gills
  • swimming, plants
  • back legs, eating
  • stick, front legs
  • adult frog, tail
  • lily pad, tongue, bug
  • growing

Excerpted from

Read Together, Talk Together
Pearson Early Childhood

Excerpted from Read Together, Talk Together, the Pearson Early Childhood research-based program that makes reading aloud even more effective!

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