The Adventures of Taxi Dog by Debra and Sal Barracca

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Use the following questions after the second or third reading of The Adventures of Taxi Dog. There are questions for every one or two pages of the story.

  1. Who is the dog in the picture?(The dog in the picture is Maxi, the taxi dog.)
  2. Why is he riding in a taxicab? (He is the driver's pet.)
  3. Where is the dog in this picture? What is he doing? (The dog is in the city looking for something to eat.)
  4. What is happening in this picture? (Jim the taxi driver has a flat tire. When he stops to fix it, he notices the lost dog.)
  5. How does the dog feel about going home with Jim? (He is very happy.)
  6. What does Jim put around Maxi's neck? (Jim puts a red bandanna around Maxi's neck.)
  7. Where are Jim and Maxi in this picture? (They are on the stairs in front of Jim's home.)
  8. What is Maxi riding in? (Maxi is riding in a taxicab.)
  9. Have you ever ridden in a taxi? Where did you go?
  10. What is happening in this picture? (Maxi is singing along with Sadie, a lady riding in the taxicab.)
  11. Where does Maxi always sit in the taxi? (He always sits in the front seat with Jim.)
  12. Why does the man in the picture need a taxi? (His wife needs to go to the hospital because she is about to have her baby.)
  13. What's the weather like in the picture? How do you know? (It's cold. You know because people are wearing coats, scarves, hats, and boots. It's also snowing.)
  14. Where are Jim and Maxi in this picture? (They are at the airport.)
  15. What is happening in this picture? (Jim and Maxi are picking up two clowns and a chimp, who are performing at the circus.)
  16. What is hopping out of the clown's hat? (Rabbits are hopping out of the hat.)
  17. What is Maxi wearing? (He has on funny glasses.)
  18. What does Maxi get to eat at the end of the day? (He gets to eat a dog biscuit.)
  19. Do you think Maxi likes riding in the taxi with Jim? Why? (Yes, because he is always smiling, and he says he and Jim are a team.)


The words listed below come from the story and its pictures. As you page through the book, ask children to name the objects listed or talk about the actions portrayed. Words are listed for every two pages of story. Ask about other objects and actions shown in the pictures as you see fit.

  • dog, taxi, bandanna, briefcase, running
  • garbage cans, fire hydrant, fire escape
  • stop light, flat tire, spare tire, jack, pigeon, petting, smiling
  • kissing, tying, dog food
  • stairs, sidewalk, pushing, stroller, mail carrier, painter
  • traffic, bicycle, street sign
  • singing, necklace, earrings
  • snow, scarf, hat, having a baby, umbrella
  • airplane, airport, fence, suitcases
  • clowns, chimpanzee, rabbits, top hat, ball, juggling
  • funny glasses, reading a newspaper
  • dog biscuit, garage, headlights
  • sunset, fruit market

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