2nd Grade Word Problems Worksheets

Give students practice solving word problems with these worksheets. They will also practice other math skills in these word problems including working with money, addition, subtraction, and more.
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  • Money Word Problems I

    To solve these money problems, students identify coins, add and subtract money, and practice basic division.

  • Money Word Problems II

    Have students use mental math to solve most of these money problems, including word problems, horizontal addition, and horizontal subtraction.

  • Money Word Problems III

    Demonstrate how arithmetic is used in realistic situations with these money word problems. Students must choose between addition and subtraction to solve each problem.

  • Real-life Word Problems I

    Students use multiple operations to solve these word problems. This worksheet gives students practice with multiple addends, addition with regrouping, and subtraction with regrouping.

  • Real-Life Word Problems II

    Test whether children know when to add and when to subtract with the word problems in this math worksheet.

  • Using the 10 Times Table I

    This multiplication and division worksheet reviews the 10 times table. Students write a number sentence to solve each animal-themed word problem.

  • Using the 5 Times Table III

    This multiplication and division worksheet reviews the 5 times table. Students are asked to write a number sentence to solve each word problem.

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