4th Grade Geometric Figures Worksheets

Students will advance their geometry skills with these worksheets. These printables focus on acute and obtuse angles, areas of rectangles and squares, polygons, cubes, symmetry and more.

  • Acute and Obtuse Angles I

    Use this geometry worksheet to explain the difference between acute, obtuse, and right angles. Give students practice identifying each type of angle.

  • Acute and Obtuse Angles II

    Give students a protractor to measure the acute and obtuse angles in this worksheet.

  • Area of Rectangles and Squares I

    Develop students' understanding of area with this math worksheet. Students multiply the length and width of each square or rectangle to calculate the area.

  • Area of Rectangles and Squares II

    Review the method for finding the area of squares and rectangles with the practice problems in this geometry worksheet.

  • Congruency

    Review the geometric concept of congruency, and give students practice identifying congruent triangles in this geometry worksheet.

  • Lines of Symmetry I

    After teaching students about lines of symmetry, use this geometry worksheet to give them practice identifying lines of symmetry in a variety of polygons.

  • Lines of Symmetry II

    Students identify, count, and draw lines of symmetry in this geometry worksheet. Use a mirror to help students understand this geometric concept.

  • Lines of Symmetry III

    Students use the line of symmetry to complete each shape in this geometry worksheet. If students need help, let them use a mirror.

  • Naming Polygons

    Students will learn the names of shapes and practice identifying them. This worksheet reviews the following shapes: triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, octagons, rectangles, rhombuses, squares, parallelograms, and trapezoids.

  • Perimeters of Squares and Rectangles I

    Give students practice finding the perimeter of squares and rectangles, with this geometry worksheet.

  • Perimeters of Squares and Rectangles II

    Review the method for finding the perimeter of squares and rectangles with the practice problems in this geometry worksheet.

  • Properties of Polygons

    Students are asked to identify polygons by several properties: parallel lines, equal angles, right angles, and side lengths.

  • Squares of Numbers

    Reinforce students' understanding of area with this multiplication worksheet. Students practice finding the squares of numbers and the area of squares in US customary units.

  • Types of Triangles

    Further students' knowledge of geometric figures with this worksheet about triangles. Students are introduced to equilateral, isosceles, scalene, and right-angle triangles; then, they are asked to identify each type.

  • Volumes of Cubes

    Introduce the concept of volume, and give students practice finding volumes of cubes. To find the volume of some of the shapes, students must visualize how many blocks cannot be seen in the model.

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