4th Grade Comparing Values Worksheets

These comparing values worksheets will give students practice comparing and ordering numbers with decimals,areas and large numbers.
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  • Comparing Areas

    Help students develop a better understanding of measurement by comparing areas of irregular figures. Students count the units in each figure and circle the figure with the greatest area.

  • Looking at Line Graphs

    Give students practice reading and interpreting line graphs. Students must find two or more pieces of information on a line graph and compare or find differences in value to answer the questions.

  • Ordering Sets of Decimals

    Students review place value as they order sets of decimals and measures containing decimals from least to greatest.

  • Ordering Sets of Large Numbers

    Use this math worksheet to give students practice ordering sets of large numbers from least to greatest.

  • Ordering Sets of Measures I

    Students will practice identifying the significant digit when sorting a group of numbers. This worksheet includes practice with US customary units and metric units.

  • Ordering Sets of Measures II

    To order sets of measures from least to greatest, students will need to apply their knowledge of the metric system and U.S. customary system.

  • Ordering Sets of Numbers

    In this math worksheet, students order whole numbers and mixed fractions from least to greatest.

  • Probability

    Give students practice with probability, graphs, and tables. In this math worksheet, students read tally tables and a bar graph to compare the number of items and determine which scenario is most or least likely.

  • Reading Bar Graphs

    Students read and interpret vertical and horizontal bar graphs to answer questions in this math worksheet.

  • Reading Tally Charts

    This math worksheet gives students practice reading tally charts and comparing values.

  • Showing Decimals

    Students demonstrate their understanding of place value by writing the decimals on the number line.

  • Using Information in Tables

    Students read, compare, and manipulate information in a table to answer the questions in this math worksheet.

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