1st Grade Word Problems Worksheets

These worksheets will give your students practice at solving word problems. This will help your students learn how to pay attention to details and develop their critical thinking skills.
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  • Most Likely/Least Likely Word Problems

    An introduction to probability is featured in this printable math worksheet. Using pictures as a guide, students determine which objects are most and least likely to be chosen.

  • Number Puzzles

    Solve the number puzzles featured in this printable math worksheet by reading these addition and subtraction word problems.

  • Real-Life Word Problems

    Solve the real-life word problems by using the pictures on this printable math worksheet as clues. Students must decide which operation to use and what kind of answer each question calls for—addition or subtraction.

  • Subtraction Word Problems

    Visual cues may help students solve these subtraction word problems.

  • Subtraction: Comparing Quantities

    Using picture comparisons as a guide, students solve simple subtraction problems then write out a sentence describing the problem.

  • Two-Digit Addition II

    Find the sum in these two-digit, vertical addition problems and word problems. Regrouping is not required to solve these problems.

  • Using a Table

    Practice using a table with this printable math worksheet. The table lists students' names and the number of glasses of water each child drank; students must read the table to solvet the word problems provided.

  • Word Problems: Count by 2s

    Students draw pictures to demonstrate the word problems. These addition problems are a good introduction to basic multiplication.

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