1st Grade Graphs, Charts, and Tables Worksheets

Teach your students how to create, read, and use simple graphs, charts and tables. These simple graphing fundamentals will help your students understand more complicated subjects like algebra and measurements.
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  • Favorite Fruits Picture Graph

    Pictographs are used in this introductory graphing exercise. Students must read the pictograph, count the objects, and decide which fruits are the most popular among the children.

  • Picture Graphs I

    Introduce students to pictographs with this printable math worksheet. Children will read graphs to determine the number of objects pictured.

  • Picture Graphs II

    Pictographs are used in this introduction to bar graphing. Students read the graphs and answer the set of problems in this math worksheet.

  • Picture Graphs III

    Children need to count items in the pictographs for each category, and then add, subtract, and compare data.

  • Reading Tables I

    Practice reading tables about animals and classmates with this printable math worksheet.

  • Reading Tables II

    Give students practice reading tables with this math exercise. This worksheet has students read the tables, then answer the corresponding questions.

  • Reading Tally Charts

    Look at the tally charts to solve the word problems in this math worksheet. Students can count by fives for completed tallies.

  • Simple Tally Charts and Bar Graphs

    Simple tally charts and bar graphs are featured in this printable math worksheet. Students must read the charts to solve the word problems. They can count by 5s for completed tallies.

  • Subtractions Tables

    Students complete subtraction tables in this printable math worksheet, subtracting one-digit and two-digit numbers from two-digit numbers. Values up to 30 are used.

  • Using a Table

    Practice using a table with this printable math worksheet. The table lists students' names and the number of glasses of water each child drank; students must read the table to solvet the word problems provided.

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