1st Grade Fractions Worksheets

These fraction worksheets will help introduce your students to the subject. With practice your students will start to understand how fractions work and how to add and subtract them.

  • Color the Halves

    Fractions are used in this printable worksheet. By coloring half of all the objects pictured, students show they understand that two halves of one object must be equal.

  • Color the Quarters

    Fractions are used in this printable worksheet. By coloring one fourth of the objects pictured, students show they understand that four quarters of one object must be equal.

  • Fractions of Shapes (1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 1/8, 1/10)

    Test students' knowledge of the fractions 1⁄10, 1⁄8, 1⁄4, 1⁄3, and 1⁄2 using this printable math worksheet. They must color in a shape to match the corresponding fraction amount.

  • Fractions of Shapes (1/3)

    Introduce students to the fraction 1⁄3, with this printable math worksheet. In the first section, students color 1⁄3 of each shape. In the second section, students determine whether the shaded part of each shape represents one-third.

  • Halves and Fourths

    Review the fractions of one half and one fourth using this printable math worksheet. Students identify how the two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes are divided.

  • Matching Fractions

    Students use shapes, dots, numbers, and words to match the fractions with the appropriate picture. Then, they answer questions about fractions.

  • Parts of a Set

    In this printable math worksheet, students must write the fraction that shows the shaded part of the set. If children have difficulties, point out that the denominator is the total number of parts, while the numerator is the number of shaded parts.

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