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Environmental Science Teacher Resources

Environmental Science is the study of the physical, biological, and chemical conditions of the environment, and how those conditions are affected by outside forces, including climate change, global warming, pollution, and other human factors. Teaching resources on environmental science will help your class explore the implications of climate change on Earth. Find out what scientists think about this global crisis with our articles and references. You will find the perfect activity to celebrate America Recycles Day on November 15.


Save Our Earth! Alternative Uses for Common Trash
Environment & Pollution: Matching Worksheet
Trash & Climate Change
Dr. Seuss and Resource Use: Featuring The Lorax
The "Three Rs": Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle
Recycling Unit: Environment Activities for the Classroom
Buy Nothing Day
A Teacher's Guide to An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore
Save Our Environment Printable Book (K-12)
Reusing & Recycling Reduces Waste: Environment Activities for the Classroom
Case of the Broken Loop
Waste Reduction Unit: Activities on Solid & Hazardous Waste
Recycling Study Guide
Landfill & Combustion Unit: Environment Activities for the Classroom
Human Disasters: A Timeline of Earth-Altering Accidents

Greenhouse Effect & Ozone Depletion Resources

Global Warming: Greenhouse Effect
What Causes Air Pollution?
The Ozone Show
The Global Environment Outlook: An Overview
Green Living Quiz: Global Warming
Investigate Activity: Investigating How a Greenhouse Works
Global Warming: Can We Change the Climate?
What Are Some Global Effects of Pollution?

Earth Day Activities

Environment & Pollution: Matching Worksheet
Favorite Classroom Activities for Going Green
Recycled Art Projects Gallery
More Earth Day Teacher Resources

Climate Change & Modeling Resources

Global Warming: So, What's the Big Deal?
The Uncertainties of Global Warming
Global Warming: We CAN Make a Difference!
An Inconvenient Truth Classroom Poster
Global Warming: What Is the Climate System?
More Climate Change & Modeling Resources

Global Warming References

Global Warming: A Glossary of Terms
Global Warming: The Climate Detectives
Global Warming and Climate
The Effects of Global Warming on Sea Level
Global Warming: What It Is . . .
Global Warming: Climate's Come a Long Way!
Emissions and Global Warming
More Global Warming References

Pollution & Environmental Science

Environment & Pollution: Matching Worksheet
Ocean Pollution
What's the Solution to Ocean Pollution?
Save Our Environment Printables Slideshow
The Human Impact on the Environment–Test
The School Litter Patrol
Ways to Help the Environment
More Popular Pollution Resources

Recycling Resources

Environment & Pollution: Matching Worksheet
"Light the Bulbs" Recycling & Pollution Worksheet
Recycling & Waste Management – Educational Videos & Activities
Recycled Art
Recycling Word Problems
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Activity
Which Package Is Better?
More Popular Recycling Resources

Energy, Power, & Electricity Resources

Renewable and Non-renewable Energy
Activity: Classifying Natural Resources
What Are Some Alternate Energy Sources?
How Can Natural Resources Be Conserved?
How Do People Use Plants?
Saving Nonrenewable Energy Resources
Science and Social Studies: Benjamin Franklin
More Popular Energy, Power, & Electricity Resources

Natural Resources Conservation

Earth Day Word Search
History of Earth Day
Layers of the Rain Forest
Composting Process
What Can You Reuse and Recycle?
Natural Resources
Green Classroom Practices That Save Money
More Popular Activities for Natural Resources Conservation

Human Influence on the Environment

Environment & Pollution: Matching Worksheet
Our Growing Planet
Rachel Carson: The Coming of a Silent Spring
Save the Earth! Recyclable Items
Littering Reading Warm-Up
Just a Dream Teacher's Guide
Money-Saving Tips for Teachers
More Human Influence on the Environment Resources

Related Teacher Resources

Polar Regions – Teacher Resources
Rain Forests: Teacher Resources
Popular Ecology Resources for Earth Science
Natural Disasters – Teacher Resources
Oceans – Teacher Resources
Weather Resources for Teachers

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