Magical Attic Crystal Cat Underwater Maze Puzzle

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A fun maze puzzle that builds hand/eye coordination

Crystal Cat needs to find her way to her underwater friends! Early learners choose the path through the maze that leads Crystal to her goal. This printable helps build pre-writing, problem-solving, and coordination skills for grades K-2, and provides a fun challenge in the process!
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BCP Imagines

BCP Imagines designs and develops unique multimedia that brings children and their families creative, fun, shared experiences. Our award-winning cross-platform content encourages creative learning, expression and play while helping kids of ALL ages open their imaginations and look at their world in a new way. BCP Imagines' multi-award winning series Drawing with Mark brings the joy of learning to draw to all ages. The Magical Attic​, where anything is possible,​ was created to help foster imagination and creative play while encouraging positive attitudes emphasizing the important lessons of kindness, friendship and helping others.

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