How Many Are Left? (0-10)

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Students cross out a given number of circles in each problem, then count the amount that remain. Numbers 1 through 10 are used in this math worksheet.

FutureFit Extension Activities

Solve: Smash Math!

Give the children a container of playdough and ask them to make tiny round balls to fit in the circles on the worksheet “How Many Are Left?” For the first problem, the children make three small round balls and place them in the three circles. Then, they can smash one ball, count the remaining balls and write the answer in the space provided. The children continue making balls and smashing the correct number until the worksheet is complete.

Investigate: Sleeping Bear Subtraction

Using a paper bowl, cut out a small opening at the edge so that when the bowl is upside down, it looks like the opening of a cave. Give the children 10 small counting bears (or other small manipulative). Ask them to place one bear on each circle for the first problem (3), and then put the corresponding number of bears that are to be subtracted (1) in the “cave.” Then the children count the number of bears that are not in the cave (2) and write the number in the space provided. The children continue this process until the worksheet is complete.

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Kindergarten Grade Math Made Easy
Kindergarten Math Made Easy

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