Fun Teacher Halloween Sayings

Halloween is quickly approaching, and to celebrate, we created a series of funny Halloween quotes and sayings that will get you in the spooky spirit!

Fun Halloween Teacher Sayings

There is a magic about Halloween that no other holiday can compare with. The crispness in the air, and the spooky decorations, all make for an incredible experience for young and mature. So we thought it would be fun to write about some of our favorite quotes and sayings of the holiday. So don't let a black cat cross your path, howl at the moon, and get into some scary sayings!

What are some good Halloween quotes?

A lot of people really get in the spirit of Halloween. Some dress up as their favorite character from television and movies, and others have endless Halloween t-shirts. Not only are they in the spirit, but they also like to bring other people into the fun. We have pulled 15 of our very favorite quotes that can help you share your love of Halloween. 

Take a look through our series of funny Halloween quotes postcards below.

1. "You can't scare me; I'm a teacher"

Halloween Quotes

Teacher life is a Halloween gift. There is nothing scarier to a little kid than their teacher. The threat of making a phone call home to mom or dad about a student's behavior can send shivers down their spine. But teachers have seen all there is to see from students' behaviors; why would they have anything to fear, right? This is a great teacher Halloween quote to go outside the door and make an impression on the younger students when they come back to school.

2. "'Witch' way to the candy bowl"

Halloween Quotes

Play on words is popular not only in the classroom but also in the home, workplace, or business settings. Quotes such as these take people back to childhood memories and place them in a wonderful place of nostalgia. For example, think of the story of Hansel and Gretel. The witch offered them candy and treats to fatten them up. Personally, I would have second thoughts if someone put "witch" and "candy" in the same sentence.

3. "It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus" 

Halloween Quotes

Many people have an infatuation with the movie Hocus Pocus. It did not do well at the box office, but it became a cult classic and is remembered fondly. The term "hocus pocus" can have many meanings, but it is mainly related to magic. Magic is a central theme in the best Halloween traditions and plays on our imagination of what is possible. Whether you believe magic is real or not, it brings a level of hope.

4. "Trick or treat yo' self"

Halloween Quotes

You don’t need to tell me twice! Any excuse for treats and Halloween is the perfect excuse right?

5. "A pumpkin a day keeps the goblin away"

Halloween Quotes

This quote is probably one of my favorites. As a modified version of the old "an apple a day" quote, this one is just as believable. People are very superstitious and would rather err on the side of caution than try to go against what they think is real. Personally, I think a pumpkin (well, a pumpkin pie) a day would be great for my soul.

6. "Eat, drink, and be just a tiny bit scary"

Halloween Quotes

Did you know that some people get a rush of endorphins when they are scared? It's like getting a shot of adrenaline and gives people a euphoric feeling. Whether we are merry or scared, people enjoy highs of emotion and ride it for as long as they can.

7. "This Halloween, I'm going to be a tired teacher, aka myself"

Halloween Quotes

We all know this feeling. Zombies have been a hit with people since the late 2000s. And with the pandemic taking a devastating effect on teachers, it makes sense that some of them feel like zombies. But teachers are tired, and one of the ways they turn it around is to take a non-serious look at their job and bring some joy out of it. Thank you for all you do, teachers.

8. "I'm 99% more fun on Halloween"

Halloween Quotes

I can see why teachers are more fun during Halloween. They get to dress up, get saturated with lesson ideas from the season, and they can eat candy with no remorse. Seriously, this is a fun time of year. Halloween signals more than half of the first part of the school year is over. Thanksgiving is around the corner, and Christmas comes soon after. Who would not be more fun at this time of year?

9. "There's nothing fun about fun-size candy bars"

Halloween Quotes

The candy bar industry should be ashamed. Fun-size candy bars are fun for kids. But they are not fun for adults. A king-size candy bar used to be something to behold. Now, it's half the size and still charges the same price. Halloween wishes for a full king-size bar again.

10. "Read more boooooooks"

Halloween Quotes

Reading was one of my favorite things to do growing up. But the quote I remember seeing that related to Halloween was "Fall into Reading".

11. "I'm just creepin' it real"

Halloween Quotes

Simplistic and corny. Perfect for those 'Dad joke' lovers out there - just trying to 'creep it real'.

12. "No tricks, just treats."

Halloween Quotes

This quote is a sassy one. But I've heard students say, "No treats, just tricks".

What should I write on a Halloween card?

If you are a person who likes to give holiday-themed cards to people, there is no limit to what you can write about Halloween. Pretend you are the person you are writing to and ask yourself, "What would I enjoy reading?" Googling quotes is easy but coming up with something yourself will go a long way. When you put a lot of thought and energy into your card, that is a real Halloween treat.

How do you congratulate someone on Halloween?

Many people like to hear congratulations that relate to the season. Creativity is key when celebrating someone and their accomplishments with seasonal themes.

Here are a few Halloween-inspired quotes that will put smiles on people's faces:

  • You're a Spooktacular teacher!
  • That was a "howl" of a performance!
  • Congrats on the newest pumpkin in your patch! (New baby)
  • Happy House Haunting! (Housewarming) 

What are some ways to say "Happy Halloween"?

Saying Happy All Hallows Eve is a start. Once again, being creative can add a dimension of fun and can start an enjoyable conversation. Here are a few sayings from American Greetings.

  • Ghostly Greetings
  • Have a fang-tastic night
  • Happy Haunting!
  • Have a boo-tiful Halloween.
  • Happy Pumpkin Carving Day!

What is a popular Halloween costume?

According to the Visual Capitalist website, the "witch" is the most popular costume during Halloween celebrations. And this makes total sense when you think about the popularity of witches in television and movies. Currently, there's a new Hocus Pocus movie about to be released, and of course, in the Harry Potter books and films, witches are central figures. And who doesn't like magic and a pointy witch hat?

The next most trending costumes were rabbit, dinosaur and Spider-Man. Kids can be unbelievably cute in their rabbit and dinosaur costumes. Watching kids hop and run around neighborhoods in these outfits is delightful. Spider-Man is an iconic superhero, and with the different versions from the multiverse, any child can be Spider-Man or Spider-Girl.

Why do we wear costumes on Halloween?

Why we wear costumes for Halloween is associated with Samhain. This is a pagan religious festival that comes from an ancient Celtic tradition. People would celebrate the festival by lighting bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts and other supernatural creatures. Many traditions were adopted into All Saints Day when all the saints are honored. The evening before All Saints Day was called All Hallows Eve, thus came the name Halloween.

Many activities were added to All Hallows Eve, including trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, Halloween parties, and judging who has the cutest Halloween pumpkins (kids!)

What is a good Halloween poem?

If you are looking for a good Halloween poem for all ages, here is one:

Halloween Fun by Ada Clark
We like to go on Halloween
All up and down our street,
Dressed up like ghosts and witches bad,
And frighten those we meet.
I like the lively jack o' lanterns
That wink and blink at me
The screeching bats and creeping cats
Are funny as can be
I like to eat the pumpkin pies
That mother makes – yum, yum!
Oh, I'm so very glad each year,
When Halloween has come!

We hope you have a wonderful, safe and spooky Halloween. Check out our Halloween resource hub, where you'll find all the printable coloring pages, Halloween worksheets, cross-curricular resources, Halloween activities, and Halloween costume ideas and Halloween design patterns you need for this exciting and spooky holiday!

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