Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for School

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for School. This article will discuss acts of kindness for students and teachers. Learning goes beyond the classroom. Students need social skills to function successfully in society. Teaching students what kindness is, what it looks like, and how to develop a giving nature will help to foster empathy for the people around them.

random acts of kindness ideas for school

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for School

A simple hello can start a great day for a person. It's the small things in life that make life wonderful. The truth is a small item (a word, a gesture, an act) can raise a person's happiness like a mountain. That's kindness. And the world can always use empathy in any form. The more we share, the more light we bring into the world.

Demonstrating kind acts is part of the teaching and learning process. Teachers can be great examples of how to show kindness to others in unique ways. Students need to learn how to display empathy for their fellow students. But it's just as important they know how to show appreciative kindness to their teachers.

What is kindness?

Kindness is a simple way of demonstrating you care about a person. It could be holding the door for someone or telling a person an excellent job on a project. It can also be a simple smile and hello. Such gestures can have a cumulative effect and spread kindness to others. It is worth doing one small thing that can bring happiness to many.

Did you display an act of kindness today? Think about it. Did someone drop an item, and you picked it up for them? Did you help someone move something, but they did not ask you? Did you offer assistance to anyone? Any of these are the acts of a person who cares about others. Acts are selfless and are usually spur of the moment.

Random Acts of Kindness Day and its History

February 17th is the official random acts of kindness day. The tradition began in 1995 in Denver, Colorado, by a nonprofit organization called The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Since the event's inception, it has spread globally. Now schools, workplaces, and organizations incorporate random acts of kindness for all to enjoy and learn.

There is also an official week for kindness: February 12th through February 18th. The goal of which is to encourage people to uplift one another. Through having an official day (or week), the hope is to make kindness the norm, which would make the world a much better place to live.

What does kindness look like?

Here is a list of kind acts you can begin immediately.

1. Support a Locally owned business.
Local small businesses work extremely hard to provide valuable products and services. The company owners probably grew up in the area and decided to give back by creating something needed.
2. Celebrate someone else's accomplishment
Acknowledging the accomplishment of others is an effortless thing to do. Being recognized can mean a lot to a person.
3. Leave an extra big tip
Service workers work hard for little pay. Leaving an extra big tip will go a long way for their feelings and morale.
4. Donate plasma
This one is a little time intensive. But if you can spare the time, you can save a life.
5. Compliment with reckless abandon.
Have you ever tried complimenting anyone you see? It can positively affect strangers, but if you need to practice on your friends and co-workers first, go right ahead!
6. Read with a child
There may be a lot of technology now, but some pass times are a treasure. One of these is reading with a child. There is magic in books and words.
7. Give others the benefit of the doubt
One of the hardest lessons to learn for people is what others may be going through. Everyone has something they are fighting against, and sometimes they take out their feelings on people who do not deserve it. If this happens to you, give them the benefit of the doubt.
These, of course, are just a few acts of kindness. After looking at this list, what ideas do you have for unique and kind acts? Keep a list of them and put it on your classroom bulletin boards or walls.

"Teachers can be great examples of how to show kindness to others in unique ways."

What are some random acts of kindness for kids?

Teaching kids what a kind act is and how to perform it can be gratifying. Kids get fulfillment when they feel helpful. They want to be useful, especially around adults.

Here are some simple acts to teach your students.
1. Share a Snack
Food brings people together. Sharing a snack from a lunchbox with a friend is a beautiful bonding experience.
2. Pick up litter or recycle
Don't you hate a messy place? Picking trash or recycling is an act of kindness for the environment. And a bonus is that if someone sees you pick up litter, they may pay it forward.
3. Thank a teacher
Teachers deserve as much appreciation as we can give them. Sticky notes and thank you cards are excellent for this.
4. Open doors for others
Opening or holding a door is one of the most straightforward and recognized acts of kindness.
5. Smile
Nothing spreads cheer more than a smile.
6. Text someone a positive message
Technology is here to stay. Let's use it for something positive. High school and middle school students would be very open to this.
7. Encourage a friend
Friends are vital in students' lives. Tell your students to encourage each other throughout their school day.

You could also choose to have a kindness challenge for your students. You can make cards of activities of kindness; make it a game. You can put on the card, visit an animal shelter or nursing home, speak with an older adult, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or do something nice for the bus driver; the possibilities are limitless.

Consider a kindness project where the students have to work together to do a good deed that's special and memorable.

What are some ways to be kind?

Kindness is simple. Any act of consideration for another person can be an act of kindness. Think of what people have done for you. Did someone write you a short note?

In turn, write a letter to someone. When was the last time you called someone to let them know you are thinking about them?

Kindness is always selfless. If you want to help improve the world, be an example to others.

"Kindness is a simple way of demonstrating you care about a person."

Remember to show kindness to yourself.

As much as we want to spread kindness to others, it's equally important to be kind to ourselves. If our wells are full, we are to be able to share goodness with others. Many people run themselves down for mistakes they've made or for what they do not have. Are you kind to yourself? It would be best if you were because you deserve it.

Here are some ways to be kind to yourself.

  1. Love who you are.
  2. Drink a glass of water
  3. Laugh until your belly hurts
  4. Go for a long walk
  5. Give yourself a small gift.

If you haven't been kind to yourself, then start now.

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The world can be a wonderful place. We are reminded of this when we see or hear about a story of kindness or empathy. Lastly, practice kindness every day. The more we practice, the more we will spread good worldwide.

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