New This Week: Resources from Big City Publishing

This week, TeacherVision is expanding our resources for Early Education, thanks to Big City Publishing.

Updated on: June 28, 2018

Children Using Worksheets in Class

These new resources are provided to benefit young students by enhancing their motor skills, word, item, and shape recognition, and introduce creative-thinking and problem-solving skills. These activities are perfect for pre-k, kindergarten, and 1st-grade students.

Coloring Pages

These coloring pages are meant to enhance recognition abilities, motor skills, and even counting abilities in young students. Check out these nine exciting coloring pages for your students!

Fruits and Veggies Coloring Page

Looner Bunny Slam Dunk Coloring Page

Storytime Coloring Page

Sunray Bubble Bear Coloring Page

Crystal Cat Flower Coloring Page

Crystal Cat Garden Coloring Page

Misty Pig Butterflies Coloring Page

Connect-the-Dots Coloring Puzzle

Super Teacher Coloring Page


These mazes provide math practice, motor-skills, pre-writing skills, critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities. There are three great mazes for your young students!

Magical Attic Race for the Apples Math Maze

Magical Attic Looner Bunny Rocketship Maze

Magical Attic Sunray Bear Playground Maze Coloring Page

Word Puzzle

Starting reading, writing, and word-recognition skills at a young age is best for young learners, and these word puzzles are a great tool for that.

Magical Attic Crystal Cat Jumprope Word Puzzle

Magical Attic Misty Pig Friendship Word Search

Cutout Puzzle

Scissor skills are a huge part of hands-on learning for young students. This puzzle uses fine-motor skills and enhances their abilities to build and assemble a project.

Magical Attic Disco Cutout Puzzle


More ways to increase students motor abilities, as well as, practice following directions! These three video how-tos provide great activities with something to show for it.

How to make a Lunch Box Puppet

How to make an Origami Fish

How to make a Paper Plate Dinosaur


These printable activities are different ways to develop recognition abilities and can keep young students occupied!

Magical Attic Match the Shadows Activity

Magical Attic Looner Bunny Differences Activity

Activity Packets

These themed packets are full of puzzles, games, coloring packets, comics and more! These are great for camp, road trips, quiet time, or an everyday activity!

Magical Attic Superheroes Activity

Magical Attic Just for Fun Fourth of July Activities

Magical Attic Road Trip Printable: North Carolina

Magical Attic Road Trip Printable: Washington, D.C.

Magical Attic Road Trip Printable: San Francisco

About Big City Publishing

Big City Publishing BCP Imagines designs and develops unique multimedia that brings children and their families creative, fun, shared experiences. Our award-winning cross-platform content encourages creative learning, expression and play while helping kids of ALL ages open their imaginations and look at their world in a new way. BCP Imagines' multi-award winning series Drawing with Mark brings the joy of learning to draw to all ages. The Magical Attic, where anything is possible, was created to help foster imagination and creative play while encouraging positive attitudes emphasizing the important lessons of kindness, friendship and helping others. Visit the Magical Attic store or purchase the Drawing with Mark collection!

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