New This Week: African-American Scientists, A Social Media Account Project

TeacherVision advisory board member, Sara, designed a new project where students will research a notable African-American scientist, and then create a social media account on them based on their findings. This creative assignment supports students to conduct research, think critically and creatively about how to synthesize their findings, and practice meeting deadlines and managing a project with multiple components.

Updated on: February 19, 2019


African-American Scientists Social Media Project

Calling all science and social studies teachers!

This week we have a new comprehensive project for your middle and high school students.

TeacherVision advisory board member, Sara McCarthy, designed a project where students will research a notable African-American scientist, and then create a social media account on them based on their findings.

The resource contains everything that you need to use this project in your classroom. All you need to do is download and print. Find the full resource here

The Resource Includes the Following Elements:

  • A brief summary of each scientist, including the most notable contribution, date of birth, and nationality
  • Form to include which scientist is assigned to which student Student instruction handout, including checklist of items to include in their completed project
  • Details on the information expected Rubric for assessment

Teaching Tip:

Provide students with a graphic organizer where they can take notes as they conduct their research. Here is one ready to print and use.

Teaching Tip:
If you haven't already, teach students best practices for web research so they are able to find accurate and appropriate material for their project. Here is a Student Guide to Web Research, which you can use to get students started. 

Teaching Tip:

Review the project checklist and the rubric with students when you introduce the assignment. This sets clear expectations for how students work will be evaluated, and helps them understanding what elements they are responsible for completing.

Teaching Tip:

Determine how you will assign scientists to students before you begin the project. You may want to let students pick, or you might want to assign them yourself. There is also an option to allow students to work in pairs or small groups.

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Author Bio:

Sara McCarthy has been teaching middle and high school math and science in Nova Scotia, Canada for the past ten years. She has recently started Escape Ed, which produces educational games for math and science classes. Before becoming a teacher, Sara worked in a molecular biology lab where she honed her mad scientist skills. She spends her winter breaks on ski slopes and her summers at the beach. You can find her work on Escape Ed. You can also find her on instagram

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