5 Lessons From Encanto to Make Us Better Teachers

The Disney movie, Encanto, took the box office by storm this winter. It took our lives by storm as teachers with students belting out its ballads through the halls of our schools. This popular film also resonates with educators with its many lessons on persistence, patience, and empathy.

Here are the 5 key takeaways from Encanto that can make us better teachers.

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Five lessons to be learned from Encanto

If you haven't already seen the film, the movie's main character, Mirable, a 15-year-old girl, lives with her family in the mountains of Colombia in a village called Encanto. The spirit of Encanto has blessed every child in the family with a magical gift, except Mirable herself.

When the village, and its magic, is in danger, Mirable discovers she may be the only hope in saving it–and her family. 

We came up with five lessons to take away from Encanto to make us all better teachers—in no particular order:

#1. Patience Is Important

Patience is a virtue. Some students demand far more patience than others, and that is OK. However, when you are patient with a student's conduct, academic performance (remember, learning is a marathon, not a sprint!), and social aspirations, you will see results—and your students will too!

#2. You are Constant in a Child’s Life

We never truly know what happens to a child after returning home from school. School can provide students with a consistent routine that they can't get elsewhere. We know that children need structure. Life and home issues might be unexpected, but we can be consistent at school by offering safety, encouragement, appreciation for accomplishments, and support through difficult times. 

"It takes a village to raise a child, and teachers learn quickly that they are very much a part of that village."

#3. Your Job is to Make a Child Realize Their Strengths

Teachers are trained to help students recognize and utilize their abilities rather than concentrating on weaknesses. In doing so, children are more confident, realizing what they can achieve rather than what they cannot. With their growing confidence, they can apply a positive outlook to other parts of their lives outside of school. 

#4. Family isn’t Just the People You Live With

It takes a village to raise a child, and teachers quickly discover that they are an integral part of that community. When teachers build a great rapport with their pupils, they foster a sense of community and family in the classroom–a child's home away from home.

#5. Be Thankful Every Day

What other profession has such a significant influence on a child’s life? You are a rock for children who may not have much stability at home. Appreciate that opportunity and remember how critical you are to their well-being. Remembering this can help strengthen your own gratitude and wellbeing. Focus on your ability to be an agent of significant change. To help children reach their highest potential, not just in the classroom, but also in their surrounding community. You support them in realizing their self-worth and potential!

Encanto might be just a movie, but it allows educators to take away some important lessons when working with students. So consider these five essential points and continue to help students realize their gifts and importance in life!

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