4 Signs That You Were Meant to be a Teacher

These four characteristics are essential to a successful teaching career.

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Signs You Should be a Teacher

So you're a teacher (or you're thinking about becoming one), but you're not so sure that you chose the right career path. If you happen to possess the following traits, you can rest assured that you're heading in the right direction.

1. You Love People

You can only really be a success at teaching if you love people, want to see them succeed, have patience with them, and care about their future. If you're a big fan of your fellow man, then choosing a teaching career was probably a good move. You're a great communicator and an empath all the same. You can read the room, and recalibrate your approach towards the vibe your class is projecting on any given day. Your students can tell that you care, and that motivates them to want to try, with the ultimate result of pleasing you and meeting your expectations for them. Many former students can recall a caring teacher who made all the difference in their lives. You're probably one of those teachers.

2. You Can See the Big Picture

Teachers have a long view. They know that the time, energy, and knowledge they're investing in their students will pay off in dividends sometime in the future. While many school days may feel as though they drag on forever, educators have the ability to see the big picture and know that it will all be worth it in the end.

Not only are you imparting your wisdom on your pupils, but you know each new skill they learn is simply a building block for expanding their intellectual and educational horizons as time goes on. You check your ego at the door and realize that you're just one of many who will help form your students' educational repertoire. You're a link in a chain, and you\'re okay with that. Preparing people for the future is what you're all about!

3. You Don't Scare Easily

Teaching can be an extremely intimidating profession. You may find yourself standing in front of a class of 20, 30, 40 (or more!) pupils. You're certainly outnumbered, and they can smell fear. Being a teacher requires confidence and a belief in yourself as the 'alpha dog.' Asserting yourself on day one is your specialty, and keeping the chaos at bay at the end of the school year is second nature to you. You're a cool customer, and your class knows who's boss. In this way, you're teaching your students respect - a skill that will serve them for a lifetime.

4. You're Selfless

Teachers are some of the most selfless people around. Not only are they underappreciated, but they can also be the victims of angry parents, cantankerous students, rigid administrators, and ever-changing curricula requirements. You may have to spend your own money for school supplies and classroom decorations. Your time may be eaten up by working late into the night on lesson plans or grading papers. You likely have to attend one meeting after another.

And yet you know each pupil by name, along with what makes them tick, demotivates them, stresses them, or helps them achieve that lightbulb moment. You're all about everyone else and rarely think of yourself or your own needs. Yet again, in your opinion, none of this is in vain, and you wouldn't change a thing.

Teaching is a tough job, but with the right combination of skills and personality, it can be an extremely rewarding one.

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