15 Fun Classroom Ideas for Back-to-School

Transform your classroom into a welcoming space with these creative ideas!

We love looking at our Instagram feed to see the amazing things teachers are doing in their classrooms, and we all know this is the truth:

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If you're one of the many teachers who puts their own time and money into transforming a bare classroom into a place students will actually enjoy, get a little back-to-school inspiration from your fellow educators below.


1. This delightful globe from @coryharrisart:


2. How about the Harry Potter-themed door shared by @theengagingstation:


3. Who wouldn't want to sit down with a book in @me_my_class_and_i's room?


4. Maybe this is the year to try out @thecolorfulteacher's flexible seating options:


5. Have fun with emoji like @worksof_heart:

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6. Taco about books like @hello_jessimarie:


7. Follow @talesfromaverybusyteacher's lead and get students into the growth mindset:


8. If you have windows, @causeya's curtains create a nice homey vibe:


9. set the tone for their room before students even came inside.

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10. Hit up your local Target like @maestra_in_3rd:


11. Bravo to @polkadotspencilsandteal's Bravo Board:


12. Encourage students with @headoverheelsforteaching's Reward Board:


13. Get to know your new students with a book recommendation tree like @lessonswithlaughter:


14. Re-create @teachwithsparkle's All-Star doorway idea:


15. Set up a teacher/team website like this one by @maniacsinthemiddle:


What Back-to-School ideas are you most excited to use in your classroom? Tag us in your classroom pictures on Instagram or email them to social[at] to be featured!

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