10 Digital Christmas Card Ideas for Teachers

This holiday season, show how much you care by sending a personalized Christmas card to a well-deserving teacher.

The spirit of Christmas comes to the world as we focus on the past year's blessings. It's time to reach out to the people who mean the most to us. For many people, teachers become an extended member of the family. They laugh with us, cry, hold us accountable, and see what we cannot see within ourselves.

Having a teacher on your Christmas card list helps validate their efforts. It brings a sense of warmth to the teachers' holiday.

Taking the time to write or create a personalized Christmas card demonstrates our appreciation for our educators. Teachers' tireless efforts are the foundation of society and give hope to the future. There is no better time than Christmas to show our love and support for teachers' service. This holiday season, send a deserving teacher an uplifting message that will carry them into the New Year.

To help celebrate Christmas Card Day, here are 10 digital Christmas cards for Teachers - to save and send on, simply right click and save your favorites to your device - Happy Holidays!

1. “Happy Holidays, We Made it Through”

We Made it Through Christmas Card Ideas for Teachers

2. "All is not calm, but all is bright”

Bright Christmas Card Ideas for Teachers

3. “If teachers were Christmas gifts, we’d pick you!”

 Present Christmas Card Ideas for Teachers

4. “Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal”

Animal Christmas Card Ideas for Teachers

5. “Fresh out of Fa La La La Las”

Fa La La La Las Christmas Card Ideas for Teachers

6. “You are a gift to all those whose lives you touch”

Gift Christmas Card Ideas for Teachers

7. “Oh deer, what a year”

Oh Deer Christmas Card Ideas for Teachers

8. "Kindly disregard my resting Grinch face”

Resting Grinch Face Christmas Card Ideas for Teachers

9. "A great teacher is the best gift a child can receive”

Great Teacher Christmas Card Ideas for Teachers

10.  "Wishing you a joyous holiday season and the happiest of New Years”

Holiday Season Christmas Card Ideas for Teachers

A short history of Christmas Cards

The history of Christmas cards dates back to the mid-1800s. Sir Henry Cole, a British civil servant, asked a friend J. C. Horsley to design a new type of letter. This letter became the first Christmas card sent to family, friends, and others through the Penny Post. Soon this would become a tradition practiced throughout the world.

1.3 billion cards are sent annually in the United States, according to Hallmark.com. The Royal Mail estimates 150 million are delivered, claiming that 1 billion are sold in the UK annually. In 2012 theindoproject.org researched the Dutch send the most Christmas cards out of any European country. The digital age has not slowed the mailing of physical cards, and millennials have shown to be strongest in carrying on the tradition.

What do you write in a Christmas card for your teacher?

Many people ask what to write to a teacher in a Christmas card. An excellent way to start is to say what is in your heart. Teaching comes from a place of love and service. Likewise, what we write to our teachers needs to come from a place of love and appreciation. It is not about the right words but what the message will convey upon reading.

Think of some of the best cards you have gotten. Such remembrance can inspire what to write to a teacher. Was it something that was emotional and brought tears to your eyes? Was the card a popup that made you laugh uncontrollably? Pass along the joy of what you have received. It will be a special message for a teacher as well.

What is the best Christmas card for a teacher?

To say there is the best card for any one teacher would not be wise. Many could find happiness in a variety of different cards. Of course, the best teacher Christmas cards are a matter of personal preference, but it depends on how well you know your teacher. Think about what they would appreciate in a card or message to them.

A couple of questions you can ask yourself are:

  1. Does my favorite teacher like a snowman or gingerbread?
  2. Is there a place the teacher thinks of fondly?
  3. What is the teacher's favorite aspect (ex. Christmas trees) about the holidays?
  4. What teacher gift would be most appreciated?

These are just a few questions you can ask yourself when creating a DIY card for that excellent teacher who has not given up on their students and families. Lastly, what have you spoken with the teacher about personally? It could be something that resonated with you and helped bond you to that person. Mention this bonding moment in the Christmas card, and you will have a winner.

How do you say happy Christmas to a teacher?

There are many ways to express the Christmas spirit to people. Your relationship with them will help to determine how to deliver your message.

  • Traditional (UK) – Happy Christmas
  • Conventional (US) – Merry Christmas
  • New Traditional – Happy Holidays
  • Unique – Happy Present giving day
  • Well Wishes - Christmas wishes to you and your family
  • Fun - Santa Claus is coming to town!

Some people like to hear the traditional saying—others just like hearing merriment. However, if you wish someone a happy holiday, the most important thing is to make sure you say it.

What is a good Christmas card message?

Messages from the heart are what Christmas cards convey. It can be a message of kindness, appreciation, love, admiration, or the Christmas spirit. Once again, it comes down to your relationship with the teacher. Think of the one thing you want the person to know. Everyone has a preference.

Just do not overthink your holiday card. The message can be a simple, "From my family to yours, Happy Christmas from...". A complicated message could lose its meaning if you are not careful. Messages of hope always have a place on a Christmas card. You can even remind the teacher they are halfway through the year, which is not much longer than a long break.

Do you give Christmas cards to teachers?

The answer to this question needs to be a resounding yes! Why would anyone give a teacher a Christmas card? Hopefully, you are not asking this question. Is a teacher not a person in one of the most challenging service professions in the world? They need the most support and uplift. Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Giving a teacher a Christmas card needs to be high on your list of gift cards to share.

What does it mean to give someone a Christmas card?

Giving someone a Christmas card can mean many things. It can mean the person is of importance in your life. Thought an effort goes into both physical and digital Christmas cards. Christmas cards also foster connections between people and families. Giving a Christmas card solidifies the relationship between the sender and receiver.

Traditionally, letters kept distant families informed of the lives of their kin. The anticipation of such communication was welcomed and gave families something to anticipate. It was the sharing of news from places foreign to the receiver.

Humans are social creatures, and any form of communication helps to strengthen society.

Holiday Resources For All Grades

Every holiday holds a lesson. We have many printable Christmas cards, activities, and learning materials to choose from that highlight the details behind each holiday.

Christmas is a time for sharing, singing, decorating, and enjoying the season. Experience the joy with your students using these Christmas lesson plans, New year activities, printables, and skill builders.

Try these five fun cards making ideas this holiday season. There are thank you cards that can be printed on cardstock as well. These are great gift ideas for anyone and make for fun Christmas crafts. Card making can be a personalized gesture and make for favorite teacher gifts.

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