Geology Transparencies & Visuals Slideshow

Illustrate geothermal activity, rock formations, differences in soil composition, and more with the transparencies and visuals in this slideshow. Enhance your study of earth science with these printables or browse our collections of and to find ones that correspond to your science curriculum.
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Enhance students' understanding of rock formation and classification with a labeled diagram of the rock cycle. Use this printable as a handout or transparency for science class.
Supplement your study of structural geology with this printable. Use this resource to help students visualize the layers of the Earth's crust.
Have your students color and label the parts of a volcano shown on this blank diagram.
This map documents evidence that supports the seafloor spreading theory.
This soil profile depicts layers of topsoil, subsoil, weathered bedrock, and unweathered bedrock. Supplement your study of geology with this printable.
Ask students to identify, label, and color the landforms made by glaciers in this picture.
Supplement your study of hydrology with a printable about groundwater. Challenge students to identify the water table, pores, and solid rock in this picture.
Keep information about the rock cycle organized on this customizable graphic organizer. Tailor the PDF to your needs by typing in the highlighted fields before printing.
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