Seasons Printables Slideshow

Get a sneak peek of what's inside our printable book "Seasons (K-6)," with this slideshow. Celebrate the seasons with lesson plans and activities for autumn, winter, summer, and spring. Find printable art activities, lesson plans, and resources for each part of the year.
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Teaching Strategies:
Students learn why leaves change color in the fall, leading to "Indian Summer."
By creating a paper snowflake students will learn how and why the perimeter is infinite. This is a fun math activity for winter.
Introduce upper-elementary and intermediate students to independent research with these winter holiday projects.
In this art activity, students celebrate spring by making their own flower baskets.
Using a map of the United States, children will identify the states with cold winters.
Get ready for summer with a crossword puzzle and word scramble featuring seasonal weather terms and activities. This printable will extend students' enjoyment of the Henry and Mudge series.
Have your students use this printable to keep track of the books they read over summer vacation. Use our Book Finder to find awesome reads for kids of all ages!
The Katie Kazoo Crew offers students some ideas for summer vacation fun!
Did you enjoy this slideshow? See the rest of the printable book now! You'll find many more pages of seasonal lessons and activities to educate and entertain your students throughout the year. The book is only available to subscribers, so to see more sign up for a free-trial membership today!
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