Insects Bulletin Board

Encourage educational conversation about insects with this ladybug bulletin board.

Insects Bulletin Board

Encourage educational conversation about insects with this ladybug bulletin board. View an example of this bulletin board idea for the spring.

Materials and Supplies

  • Yellow cloth background
  • Red border
  • Red letters
  • Encyclopedia and books showing pictures of insects
  • One dinner plate
  • Black, red, and yellow paper (optional)
  • Any white paper that crayons can write on (Used computer paper, clean on one side, is good.)
  • Computer paper
  • Wide-tipped black marker
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Make a ladybug from the ladybug pattern. Use colored paper or white paper and color it heavily: red wings with two black spots. Make a black back strip, black legs, black eyes, a black head, and black antennae. Make three yellow spots on two sides and the back of the head. Cut out the bug. Outline the two yellow spots on the side of the head with black marker.
  2. Using yellow paper, trace around a dinner plate with wide black marker. Cut out the circle, including the black border, and place it behind the ladybug.
  3. Show the children pictures of insects. Use the encyclopedia or read a children's book about insects, such as Amazing Insects by L.A. Mound or Bug Wise by Pamela Hickman.
  4. Discuss insects. They are often small, with three pairs of legs, a segmented body (three parts), and usually two pairs of wings and two antennae.
  5. Insects include the bee, ant, cockroach, termite, mosquito, cricket, wasp, ladybug, moth, dragonfly, flea, butterfly, firefly, walking stick, louse, and fly.
  6. Insects live nearly everywhere on earth. You find them from snowy places to deserts.
  7. Some insects make noises. Some insects get air (or breathe) through holes in their sides.
  8. Some insects bite animals and people.
  9. Insects are many colors.
  10. Insects are food for birds, fish, and other animals.
  11. Use five sheets of computer paper, cut in half lengthwise, to make labels. Write with a marker: 6 legs, body in 3 parts, usually 2 pairs of wings, usually 2 antennae, food for animals.
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