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Earth Science Teacher Resources

These lessons, printables, and references are designed to augment your current earth science curriculum for elementary, intermediate, or secondary school. Motivate your students to become more active participants in their world with activities on geology, global warming, and life cycles. From classifying leaves to tracking hurricanes, you'll find exciting seasonal resources and Earth Day activities for April. Also check out the slideshows, quizzes, bulletin boards, and graphic organizers below!

Whiteboard Compatible Mini-Lessons

Fossils Mini-Lesson
Exploding Mountains Mini-Lesson
Hot Rocks Mini-Lesson
Intro to Rocks Mini-Lesson
More About Minerals Mini-Lesson
Intro to Water Mini-Lesson
More Mini-Lessons

Printables for Grades K-2

Weather Graph
What's Wrong with This Picture?
Weather Forecast Bulletin Board
Plant Crossword Puzzle
How Do Animals Adapt to Seasonal Change? -- Activity 4.12
Hurricane Katrina Reading Warm-Up
More Popular Earth Science Printables

Printables for Grades 3-5

Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Parts of a Volcano Labeling Worksheet
Fruits and Vegetables List
Food Chain Diagram
Potential and Kinetic Energy
Weather Symbols
Butterfly Life Cycle Worksheet
More Popular Earth Science Printables

Printables for Grades 6-8

Types of Habitat with Examples of Plant Life
What Are Latitude and Longitude?
Time Zones Around the World
Rachel Carson: The Coming of a Silent Spring: Reading Passage
Rachel Carson: The Coming of a Silent Spring: Comprehension Questions
Earth's Structure
Science Reading Warm-Up: Volcanoes
More Popular Earth Science Printables

Printables for Grades 9-12

Moon Things Crossword Puzzle
What Is the Structure of Earth?
Earth, Moon, Sun, and Seasons -- Activity
Comparing the Weather
What Are Some Global Effects of Pollution?
The Nitrogen Cycle
Modeling Plate Boundaries
More Popular Earth Science Printables

Graphic Organizers

Ways to Help the Environment
KWL Chart - Caring for Earth
In a Garden
Animal Babies and Parents
What Is in Soil?
A Weather Calendar
KWL Chart - Living and Non-Living
More Popular Earth Science Graphic Organizers


Volcanoes and Earthquakes Quiz
Extreme Weather Quiz
Weather Quiz
Fields of Science Quiz
Water, Wind, and Earth Quiz
Types of Snow Quiz
The Water Cycle Quiz
More Earth Science Quizzes


Summer Reading (Grades 3-5)
Summer Reading (Grades 9-12)
Summer Reading (Grades 6-8)
Events of the Summer Olympic Games
Top 10 Earth Day Printables (K-4)
Favorite Summer Activities Slideshow (K-8)
Summer Reading (Grades K-2)
Favorite Labor Day Activities Slideshow, Grades K-8
Months, Seasons, & Time Printables Slideshow
Earth Science Printables Slideshow
Favorite Autumn Activities Slideshow (K-8)
Atmospheric Science Transparencies Slideshow
Environmental Science Printables Slideshow
Astronomy & Climatology Printables Slideshow
Oceanography Transparencies & Visuals Slideshow

Bulletin Boards

Insects Bulletin Board
Ladybug Pattern
Insects Bulletin Board Example
An Ecological Bulletin Board
Let It Snow!
Tree Bulletin Board Example
Evergreen Tree Bulletin Board for Winter
Spring Theme Bulletin Board
Save the Earth Bulletin Board
Greenhouse Bulletin Board
Tree Pattern

Lesson Plans

The Sunflower
Life Cycle of Butterflies
Map Making, Floor Plans & Map Reading
Build a Volcano
Class Garden
Wonders of the World
Ocean Currents
More Popular Earth Science Lesson Plans


Global Warming: A Glossary of Terms
Geographical Highs, Lows, and Boundaries of the U.S.
Types of Snow
Hurricane Resource: Storm Surge
Cyclones Throughout History
Leonid Meteor Showers
More Popular Earth Science References

Earth Day Activities

Money-Saving Tips for Teachers
Recycled Art
Favorite Classroom Activities for Going Green
Environment & Pollution: Matching Worksheet
Gardening with Kids
Recycling & Waste Management – Educational Videos & Activities
Home, Sweet, Home: Animal Habitats
More Earth Day Teacher Resources

Digital Books

Eyewitness: Earth
Eyewitness: Jungle
Eye Wonder: Volcano
E.Guides: Rock and Mineral
Eyewitness: Volcano & Earthquake
Experience: Volcano
Eyewitness: Water
Eyewitness: Rock & Mineral
Eye Wonder: Rocks and Minerals
Eyewitness Expert: Rock & Mineral
Eyewitness: Desert
Gallery of DK Digital Books for Earth Science

Art & Earth Science Connected, Grades K-6

Tissue Flower Craft
Classroom Tree Bulletin Board
In All Kinds of Weather
Your Own Rain Forest
Flower and Leaf Press
Making Sand Art
Fall Haiku
More Popular Art Activities for Earth Science, Grades K-6

Language Arts & Earth Science Connected

Science Reading Warm-Up: Earthquakes
Describe the Rainy Day
Wonders of the World Questions
Continents of the World
Seeds Word Search
As Soon As It's Fall Poetry Pack
A Teacher's Guide to An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore
More Popular Language Arts Activities for Earth Science

Math & Earth Science Connected

Plant Graph
Symmetry in Nature
Baseball Fun
Volcano Facts
Fifth Grade Summer Math
Celsius and Fahrenheit Conversions Made Simple
Math in Science: Percent
More Popular Math Activities for Earth Science

Literature Activities for Earth Science Class

Summer Reading List -- Secondary
Tsunami! Discussion Guide
Rachel Carson: The Coming of a Silent Spring
Summer Reading List -- Middle
Hurricane Song Discussion Guide
Eruption! Volcanoes and the Science of Saving Lives Common Core Discussion & Activity Guide
The Snow Kids
More Popular Literature Activities for Earth Science Class

Geography Activities for Earth Science Class

Chart of the Water Cycle
Weather Words
Climate and Vegetation Regions
Tectonic Plates
Activity: Acid Rain
National Park System of the United States
National Monuments in the U.S.
More Popular Geography Activities for Earth Science Class

Plant Resources for Earth Science

Looking for Signs of Photosynthesis
Structure of a Typical Flower
Explore Activity: What Living Things Need
How Do People Use Plants?
How Does Water Move Through Plants?
Soda Bottle Terrarium
Spider Plants
More Popular Plant Resources for Earth Science Class

Ecology Resources for Earth Science

Climate Activities
Renewable and Non-renewable Energy
Preserving the Environment Crossword Puzzle
Trash & Climate Change
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Activity
Two Habitats
Recycling Crossword Puzzle
More Popular Ecology Resources for Earth Science

Environmental Science Resources

The Ozone Show
The Global Environment Outlook: An Overview
Emissions and Global Warming
Global Warming: Climate's Come a Long Way!
Global Warming: So, What's the Big Deal?
Global Warming and Global Temperature
Global Warming: The Climate Detectives
More Environmental Science Teacher Resources

Natural Disaster Resources

Frequently Asked Questions about Tsunamis
Extreme Weather
Disasters – Natural and Unnatural
Science Reading Warm-Up: Hurricanes
2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami Reading Warm-Up
How Are Volcanoes Classified?
Dangerous Wave
More Natural Disasters – Teacher Resources

Geology Activities

A Volcano Wordsearch
Making Model Fossils
Dinosaur Quiz
Soil Erosion Word Search
Making Salinity Currents
Explore Activity: Exploring Rocks Formed from Molten Rock
More Popular Geology Activities

Seasons Resources

Weather Printable Book (Grades 3-6)
Weather Station
How Do Seasons Affect Animal Adaptations? -- Activity 4.11
Frog Life Cycle Booklet
Build Your Own Stonehenge
Squeaky the Squirrel
Fifth Grade: Over the Break
More Seasons – Teacher Resources


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