National Cemeteries

A chart listing U.S National Cemeteries.
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4 |
Name and location Total acreage
Andersonville (Ga.) 494.61
Andrew Johnson (Tenn.) 16.68
Antietam (Md.) 11.36
Battleground (D.C.) 1.03
Fort Donelson (Tenn.) 15.30
Fredericksburg (Va.)12.00
Gettysburg (Pa.) 20.58
Little Big Horn (Mont.) 765.34
Poplar Grove (Va.) 8.72
Punchbowl (Ha.) 115
Shiloh (Tenn.) 10.05
Stones River (Tenn.) 719.81
Vicksburg (Miss.) 116.28
Yorktown (Va.) 2.91

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