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Celebrate on November 11 with these Veterans Day activity ideas. Designed for upper elementary grades, students can choose from Veterans Day art activities, as well as writing activities that offer opportunities to reflect on this important holiday and honor our veterans.

These activities are great for art or writing centers, as extension or early-finisher activities, or given as take-home independent practice work.

This choice board of 9 activity ideas includes creative art activities and Veterans Day writing activities for elementary students.

Students can choose from activities like:

Paper Flower Bouquet

Create a bouquet of paper flowers with kind and encouraging notes written on them to be sent to veterans or active military personnel.


Write a short biography on a specific military veteran. It can be someone you know personally or someone throughout history.

Mural Making

Create a classroom mural square, honoring the service of our veterans. Each student’s square will come together to create one large mural.
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