What Is Veterans Day?


  • Students will learn why Americans celebrate the Veterans Day holiday.
  • Students will practice reading comprehension skills.



  1. Distribute the Veterans Day Reading Comprehension Questions.

  2. Instruct the students to look the words up in the dictionary and write the definitions on a separate piece of paper.

  3. Distribute The Story of Veterans Day and ask the students to read it.

  4. Ask students to underline the vocabulary words and then answer the Veterans Day Reading Comprehension Questions.

  5. As a culminating activity, have a class discussion about the way different countries remember and honor their war veterans.
Use this lesson to familiarize English as a Second Language students with the American holiday Veterans Day. Students will read the Story of Veterans Day and answer comprehension questions to enhance their understanding of both the holiday and the English language. This activity can also be used with younger children.
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