Veterans of U.S. Wars and Their Dependents

An article and statistics about veterans and their dependents as of 2007.
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Veterans' benefits have existed since the origins of the nation. As of September 2007, over three million veterans, their dependents, and survivors of deceased veterans are receiving VA benefits and services.

The last dependent of a Revolutionary War veteran died in 1911; the War of 1812's last dependent died in 1946; and the last dependent of the Mexican War died in 1962. Some 108 children and 125 widows of Spanish-American War veterans are receiving benefits today. There is in fact 3 children of Civil War veterans who still draw VA benefits.

 VeteransChildren1ParentsSurviving spouses
Civil War3__
Indian Wars
Spanish-American War108125
Mexican Border1663
World War I43,6396,670
World War II406,28915,300186227,412
Korean Conflict221,9233,34837260,917
Vietnam Era1,109,5769,6473,426155,258
Gulf War2729,42612,91982613,759
Total wartime 2,467,218 44,980 4,810 464,204

1. Children connotes a minor or a dependent adult.

2. For VA benefits purposes, the Gulf War period of service remains open-ended and also includes those discharged from 1991 to date.


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