Favorite Christmas Art Activities

Celebrate the Christmas season with these art and music activities for all ages. You'll find printables and lesson plans with instructions for creating Santa Claus, Christmas gifts and trees, ornaments, and more!
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Students create reindeer heads by tracing their hands and feet. This arts & crafts activity makes a fun classroom decoration and also a great gift for parents around the holidays.

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In this arts & crafts activity, students create a Rudolph paper doll. Rudolph is an American Christmas character – one of Santa's reindeer.

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Students make candle decorations out of paper tubes and colored paper. This arts & crafts activity is especially nice to enjoy around the December holidays, like Christmas, when students like to make gifts for family members.

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This arts & crafts lesson plan outlines how to make potato stamps for decorating gift wrap. This is a fun and creative activity to enjoy around any gift-giving season, like Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah.

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